#33 – Advanced Sales

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This episode is not only hilarious, but has some of the most amazing SALES TRAINING TIPS you’ll hear this year.

STRAIGHT OUT OF THE GATE the Service Drive Gurus Chris Collins, G-MAN and a now regular Jair Martinez, open with Jair’s offer to wed his close friends, which turns into some comedy later on in the show. But first the guys wind down by noticing the coinciding trips to Las Vegas this weekend; Jair heading to a bachelor party and Chris and Gary heading for work – maybe they’ll meet up!

This quickly turns to some great gambling stories. First Gary recalls a time he was playing craps and he has was playing alongside Chris and made a mistake that threw off Chris’s Flow – a big no no! Jair follows this up talking about his trip to Lake Tahoe the past weekend and how a close friend of his was rolling the dice, killing the table with people cheering and winning, and how his wife came over and said “I want to leave”- listen to see what follows. This leads onto a couple greater and completely hilarious Vegas gambling stories.

This swiftly moves onto the main topic of the week – ADVANCED SALES. This truly integral topic is addressed through the amazing book – Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It by Christopher Voss and Tahl Raz. Gary looks at how the author Chris Voss wants to become a FBI negotiator, literally negotiating like lives depend on it. Gary discusses the path he took which involved a year working on a suicide hotline and how he got into such an intriguing role, dealing with and negotiating with hostage takers and kidnappers. Gary breaks the book down giving you KEY TOOLS and direct tips that you can implement in order to have advanced sales techniques. One of these tips is how you speak to people with a certain tone, and then mirror back to them what they are saying – this segment in the show is truly fascinating as the hosts start using it against each other live without them even noticing.

This episode is not only hilarious and maybe the funniest SERVICE DRIVE REVOLUTION episode to date, but it is packed with amazing tools, tips and is super RICH CONTENT. You will receive some of the best insight into how you can take sales to a whole new level while highlighting the things you’re doing wrong. Learn from an FBI negotiator through Gary’s book review, have a laugh with hysterical gambling stories, and be the best in your Service Drive TODAY by clicking the link below and listening to the show.

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