#34 – How To Motivate Your Technicians

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The best tips and tools on how to motivate your technicians.

They get straight into the NFL banter by helping Jair, a committed supporter of Joe Montana, realize that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time following the crazy Super Bowl comeback. This leads onto to an interesting discussion about what makes someone the greatest, how is that measured and what is that based on. What motivates the best? What keeps them at the top? And more importantly, how can you use these tools with your technicians.

They use this debate as a way to relate it back to the service drive and technicians in order to understand a fundamental component of business – RESULTS. Looking at how essential results are Gary states “It is the only final measurement, it is. It really doesn’t matter what you intend to get done or what you want to have happened…it’s what happens that matters”. Jair then furthers this point by looking at leadership and how a key component to reaching those results is knowing how to be an effective leader. He then uses the Brady analogy to highlight how Brady utilizes the talent in his team and exposes their talent in order to be effective.

We highly recommend this podcast if you want to understand LEADERSHIP, TRACKING PRODUCTION and THE CULTURE OF PERFORMANCE. These skills are essential and can be utilized to get the best out of your team, and thus the best results in your market – the same results that success is measured by. You will come away with this podcast with clarity. You will understand and have a clear vision on how your techs are performing and why they are performing they way they are, and then finally what to do with them. THIS IS MUST-LISTEN EPISODE!

Service Drive Revolution by Chris Collins Inc.

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