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#37 – Your Questions and Comments

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Questions and Comments – Chris “The Bulldog” Collins and co-host Gary “G MAN” Daniel read out and respond to some your questions and comments.

Before the guys get into your questions and comments, Gary opens his new whiskey treat “the gift that keeps giving”. Chris the moves on to the interesting questions troubling some of the advisors out in the trenches. He connects with a manager who uses Chris’ book ‘Millionaire Service Advisor’ as a mandatory reading manual for those joining his team – particularly the last 23 pages. This sparks a revisit to the book for Chris who finds those pages and looks at what makes those last 23 pages so impactful.

They discover this is on step 5 of a multi-step system – so sure enough they want to see what those are and why weren’t the first 5 were not included – all is unraveled in this week’s show.

Chris then moves onto a frustrated advisor who used to be a tech who is moving to a new shop where he wants advice on how to get on better with his techs. Gary responds to this from his wealth of experience and knowledge from spending many years with his head under a hood and under the car. He gives him some precise tools and what can be fixed on what can’t. Chris, on the other hand, approaches the frustrated advisors’ emotion and how he can utilize this in a way that is effective. He looks at how having paradigms shifts and alternate perspectives on certain things can help improve relationships. To emphasize this point, Chris tells a very in-depth, personal and intriguing story from how he would deal with people in the music industry when he served as a Seattle drummer in the 90’s grunge era. It leads onto how he started consulting in the automotive industry at 24, and how he became nearly destitute struggling for that dream.

One day, with no money in his bank and in the pouring rain in Seattle, he walked into a bookshop and paid for using a credit card, a book that literally changed his life and had him in tears.

This episode not only gives you behind the curtain insight into the minds leading the service drive coaching industry, but it gives you a chance to hear what other managers, advisors, and techs are going through and feeling in the current climate of the industry.

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