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#39 – Are You A Prisoner In Your Own Mind?

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“Are you a prisoner in your own head?”

On this week’s show, Chris “The Bulldog” Collins and co-host Gary “G-MAN” Daniel are joined with Service Drive coach/pastor Jair Martinez and THE G.O.A.T Hassan Salem. As experts in the mindset of business performance, they pose the question “Are you a prisoner in your own head?”

Chris begins the show by using his own experiences from being in the band of making the right and wrong decisions based on being part of a team. Gary furthers this by relating it back to doing odd side jobs to make some extra income as a mechanic, but then tells the story of why he stopped and won’t do another.

The group then move onto the main points of the week and discuss what keeps managers trapped in their own mind, as Chris states some managers have “25 years of experience working against them”. Hassan looks at how managers sometimes misunderstand their own department. They think they have one set of numbers, but when they really look into it and do the digging, they are surprised to realize their numbers are not what they think they are. Hassan notes that if you are a prisoner in your own mind, you might not readdress those issues, you won’t be able to progress or approach the same issue twice. Chris then addresses this by discussing the importance of training and how if you don’t even have training on how to setup/use a financial sheet, how can you know where you’re going or what you’re doing – “there’s no road map”. Hassan and Gary finish this topic with a conversation about PRICING to understand where some managers get caught up in their own ideas of what the price should be.

Other talking points include more details on Jair being an ordained minister getting ready to marry his close friends. He seeks advice from a fellow ordained friend at a party who said he is offended by Jair’s quick and easy online qualification. In addition, Hassan and Jair are holding boot camps and coaching group meetings and discuss the issues coming up.

In this episode, the guys are straight to the point and don’t hold back on the truths of the industry. This episode is an honest approach to MINDSET and how impactful being a prisoner in your own mind can be.

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