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#40 – Execution: How To Get Your Team To See Your Vision

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On this week’s show, Chris “The Bulldog” Collins and co-host Gary “G-MAN” Daniel are joined with Service Drive coach/pastor Jair Martinez and THE G.O.A.T Hassan Salem.

The shows starts out with some jokes and fun, involving topics on a bourbon that Jair got from a friend, a meeting Chris had with a Swiss friend who mentions business performance and getting in different positions to circulate blood flow to increase work performance…laughter follows as they imagine Gary trying to squat and the sounds that would come from his knees. More laughter follows as Gary slips out his “safe word”, to which the guys don’t let slip. Opening the segment, however, Chris gets some frustration off his chest about a couple disgruntled listeners feeling Chris and Gary drink and banter too much rather than provide constant content. Chris’ response… “IT’S FREE!”

Episode 40 then moves onto content. They discuss sharing your vision and getting input from an engaged team. The team’s ideas are strong so Chris recommends “avoiding barking orders from the top”. Gary furthers this by noting that if managers have a strong vision and they keep it a secret, you miss out on what could be valuable input from the guys who are in the trenches. Hassan continues on by talking about a manager he’s working with and helping at the moment who feels an insurmountable amount of pressure coming up with all the answers alone. Sharing the load can ease the pressure and sharing the decision-making and vision can make your team more committed to creating an overall success – “they can be part of the plan and part of the answers”. The SERVICE DRIVE gurus reinforce the use of a committee to help you as a leader make the final decision and it also helps the notion of accountability as they were part of and included in the process. Chris rounds this off with how important then it is to track it. “Guys might come to a decision on what they want, but they are not then tracking it daily”. Listen to the full show to hear these topics unpacked.

First, have a good laugh and then engage with some of the leaders of the SERVICE DRIVE field on one of the important topics facing managers every day. They use their in-depth knowledge and experience of owning stores, being techs, being service advisors and fixing stores daily, to pass on some key advice in today’s struggling industry.

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