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#41 – Women in the Service Drive: SDR SPECIAL

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Women in the work industries and more in particularly – the AUTOMOTIVE and SERVICE DRIVE industry.

On this week’s show, Chris “The Bulldog” Collins and co-host Gary “G MAN” Daniel are joined with our in-house writer and social media expert Lindsey Glass.

Lindsey takes the reigns of the show and joins Chris and Gary to discuss Women in the work industries and more in particularly – the AUTOMOTIVE and SERVICE DRIVE industry. Lindsey opens up the discussion by talking about a recent time she took her car to get serviced. Working closely with Chris for the last 8 months she does her homework and goes in armed with one of Chris’ books. After she breaks down her bad service drive experience, Chris turns the tables on Lindsey and interviews her. He wants to find out “how did you feel when you pulled up in the Service Drive” and “how could they have done better”. Chris aims to understand how Women feel when coming into the Service Drive in general and what can we do an industry to address it as is it, a male-centric industry, and how we can we improve.

They look at the Women’s power in buying decisions and overall Women as consumers. Lindsey discusses the time she was a consultant and how it can be being a consultant as a Woman. Chris addresses this using his own experience a consultant and what he faced and went up again to be successful. This consecration moves onto specific Women who work in the automotive industry and how impactful and amazing they are. Chris mentions that he was and is a forerunner for making the service drive industry less male-centric and pulling more women in the industry. Gary then talks about a friend Vikki who was a manager in a dealership, the only one in the country for BMW, and how amazing she was as a manager in an industry dominated by men.

This week’s show is integral to understanding gender identity in our industry. It will provide you insight into the Woman’s perspective when being a consumer, a manager or an advisor in your industry. Please comment below if you have had any experiences related to the show, or are working in the automotive industry and have some feelings to share.

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