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#43 – Customer Anxiety

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Customer anxiety in the Service Industry. Chris states – “in service, it’s unique, unlike any other industry, because the sale and the retention is based on TRUST”.

The show kicks off with the SERVICE DRIVE guru’s joking about being sick last week and missing last week’s episode.But that didn’t stop the Bulldog from working. He talks about his trip down to San Diego to Stone Beer Brewery to do research for his new book. He discovers some clever marketing techniques as well as beer being super high on the glycemic index!

This moves onto the main topic of today CUSTOMER ANXIETY. The guys discuss what causes customer anxiety, what frustrates customers before even coming into the dealership and what eventually drives customers away. They look at decision fatigue, issues of waiting, no direction, not making the customer feel important and other problems surrounding the customer experience that may cause customer anxiety. Gary talks about how people feel psychologically when they go to Disneyland. They are excited and are in a fun mindset when they arrive but when they see the lines and the waiting times for the thing they were initially excited about, this mindset shifts. Gary furthers this by talking about going clothes shopping with his wife and how customer service works in other industries – jokes and insightful tips follow! They relate all this back to the service drive and give you specific tools, all the way down to how many advisors you should need, in order to create a thorough understanding of the way customers think.

This is MUST LISTEN EPISODE for the getting into the CUSTOMERS MINDSET. How are the customers feeling when they see lines, people cutting in front, no one approaching them to help, confusing responses. The leaders in the SERVICE DRIVE industry guide you and give you the tools and steps in how to deal with customer anxiety effectively. If you would like to get more on the topic click the link below to get Chris’s selling DVD program Service Drive Judo.

Service Drive Revolution by Chris Collins Inc.

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