Make Every Customer A Lifetime Customer

Companies like Apple, Salesforce and BigMike’s Blends all have this one thing in common that makes them successful: They all use a similar business strategy. This strategy is so impactful that it will completely change the way you develop and market your product. You will become a better salesperson because you will believe in your product and the good it can do for your customers.

On this week’s episode of Business Outlaws, co-hosts Chris “Bulldog” Collins and BigMike tell you how companies are using consumption strategies to design, develop and market products to customers. Consumption strategies work, whether you’re selling computer hardware, food or even cannabis.

Customers often “don’t realize all the things you could do with your products,” explains BigMike. “People actually want information and it might be exactly what they’re looking for, so you should give the different ways your product can be used, and show it.

“You can’t make it up — it has to be useful to your client,” BigMike continues. “What you’re giving in return has to be worth more than the money they’re paying for it.” After you learn how to implement a consumption strategy and build your business around it, selling your product will become second nature because you know your product is giving customers exactly what they want.

Learn how to model your product using a consumption strategy by listening to this week’s episode of Business Outlaws. After you learn how to use this strategy, we want to hear your product pitches by tagging @BusinessOutlaws. Listen until the end and don’t forget to visit for more wisdom on perfecting the art of the sale.

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