The Secret To Massive Income

Over the last four episodes, we’ve taught you about the mindset you’ll need to guarantee your success, plus how to visualize that success. We’ve taught you how to find your niche, fund your operation, and become the best salesperson for your product. On the final episode of this five-part series, the Business Outlaws unveil the most crucial steps to building your business.

So, what are the two components you absolutely need to have in place before your business can take off? A customer list and a “system of systems.”

Your customer list tells you who your market is and how you can meet their needs with your product. Co-hosts Chris “Bulldog” Collins and BigMike explain why you need one before you can find your niche and start selling.

You also need a system in place to efficiently implement your customer list and capitalize on your connections: A system of systems.

This is perhaps the most important piece of your business puzzle that will ultimately define its success. “Your business is not worth a fraction of what it could be without those systems in place,” says BigMike. Effective systems empower your talent to succeed and make more money for your enterprise.

Chris goes even further, showing how you can make systems fun for employees through gamification — his personal secret to entrepreneurial success.

Tune in to this week’s episode of Business Outlaws to learn why your business needs solid systems to thrive and how to build said systems. After you’re done listening, remember to check out to see more episodes and exclusive behind-the-scenes content to help you master of your business.

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