Why You Should Stop Following the Golden Rule – with Glenn Lundy

Glenn Lundy says the secret to his success is in redefining the “Golden Rule.” He says you have to “treat others the way that they would treat themselves,” and cater to a customer’s individual needs. Glenn Lundy is an industry leader, consultant, and father to seven.

To say Glenn has a storied past would be a grave understatement. His career in car sales started when he got himself into hot water in his early 20s and needed a well-paying job fast. He saw an ad for a dealership that guaranteed he could make $5000 a month so he went running. They said he needed to sell 20 cars a month to make that money and he did right away. He worked his way up to manager but his personal life was falling apart and in a fury of resentment he picked up and moved to Vegas to be a professional poker player. He lost everything, had terrible credit, not a penny to his name and burned every bridge. So, he went back to what he knew could make him good money, selling cars at Dan Cummins in Paris, Kentucky.

Glenn hated the culture in the automotive sales industry so he fought to create an environment that was great for the employee as well as the customer. By implementing his new philosophy at Dan Cummins, he took their sales from 120 cars a month to 800-1000 in a town that only has 9600 people. He became the face of the dealership because he knew how to work social media and branding online. He started hiring millennials and would mine the local bars and restaurants for people he saw potential in. He figured out how to work with the younger generation and says it was the best thing he ever did for the dealership.

Learn more about what makes Glenn tick and how you can increase your sales by hiring millennials.

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