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Success Story

Chris M.

Net/Gross went from -3% to 13%

Effective Labor Rate (ELR) increased $27

CSI rose from 4.5 to 4.6

This past year has presented numerous challenges emanating from the COVID pandemic, restrictions and reform.  During this turbulent time, I decided to make a life changing decision that would not only impact me but my family as well.

I was employed with a CDJR store for the last 8 years and was responsible for the fixed operations for the entire dealership.

The assignment I needed to overcome was my familiarity with domestic brands and take on the challenge of learning and working with a multi-international product and brand.  

When I started with Tommy Car Auto Group, I was informed about the strategic relationship our dealership has with business consultants. Their primary goal is to push the envelope of ideas, business practices and execution for an industry that has a reputation of being myopic. 

I thought to myself great, more people that come in and tell you what to do then disappear never to be heard from again. With all that being said, I was a little skeptical after working for a different auto group for 8 years that micromanaged every aspect of sales, service and operations. 

I was open to innovative ways of analyzing problems and formulating solutions, despite my skepticism. 

I had a newfound respect for Chris Collins, Inc., and their team of business consultants when I had my first coaching call with Vicki. 

She conducted an in-depth orientation that included her experience, their business model and proposed training modules.  After our initial conversation I felt thoroughly prepared and understood the expectations required of me and the training outcomes.

Taking an introspective look at Tommy Car Auto Group and the professional training program from Chris Collins, Inc., I was excited to embark on this new endeavor at this stage of my career.  I started having morning meetings to raise the energy in the department that included playing loud music to get everybody pumped up and talking about side bets and games. 

To my surprise, I started seeing positive results in work output and improved morale. At this point my skepticism started to wane as sales improved and the shop productivity increased. An onsite visit from Vicki generated a better ELR in the department. 

We reviewed the financial statements together to look for areas of improvement and opportunities for growth with the ultimate outcome of creating a higher-net-to-gross and to transform the department to operate at 25% net-to-gross.

A comparative 3 month measurement of April, May and June of 2020 reflect an ELR of 115.93, net-to-gross -3% and CSI at 4.5% in contrast with April, May and June of 2021 at an ELR of 142.74, net-to-gross +13% and CSI at 4.6%.  These metrics clearly illustrate a significant improvement year over year during the same time period.  Under Vicki’s coaching and the principles of Chris Collins, Inc., this clearly proves the effectiveness of their program.

Although I haven’t won the top dog competition yet, I have a strong feeling and confidence that I will be a top contender for this contest.  My department has been profitable for the last 7 months, improved financials and expense ratios at a year over year increase of 44% net profit.

I have to say, after only being with my auto group for a year and going through the service manager training in the Chris Collins program and having a great coach that holds you accountable, I am a true believer of this program.

I judge success like the three legs of a stool: profitability, customer and employee satisfaction. I am grateful to the Chris Collins group and Tommy Car Auto Group for this opportunity to expand my knowledge, skillset and continued opportunity to succeed.  I am now running two stores in the group and hope to one day become the service director for the organization.  



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