This Service Department Toolbox Was Created with You Specifically in Mind.

It’s Driven by Your Results and Individual Needs as a Leader

The first thing you need to know is, that unlike our competition, we have no long-term contracts or hidden fees

Although, I hope you let us be a part of your journey as a Successful Leader, it’s on us to overwhelm you with value. And that’s exactly what you are getting with this Training Platform.

Here’s a detailed list of what’s included in our On-Demand Platform:

Now, you might initially think it’s to good to be true, or that there is some sort of catch. “Chris, come on….You’re telling me that I can train my Advisors, Techs, Support Personnel, Learn To Recruit Technician (even with everyone else is struggling to just keep the ones they have), increase my RO count and customer retention, AND I get Service Manager University on top of it?”

No catch whatsoever. Zero.

I have lived my entire life by a principle I learned at the age of 8 from my late Grandfather.

Since I grew up without a father most of my life, being raised by a single Mother made my Grandfather the Father figure in my life. He was the son of Irish immigrants and came of age during “The Great Depression”. He lied about his age so he could go fight in World War II at the age of 17. I could go on and on about what a great man he was but, not a day goes by I don’t think about him.

Chris CollinsWhat he taught me he didn’t say just once. He said it over and over again until it was drilled in my young mind. Just like this training. You won’t want to just go through it once. You will want your team to go through it over and over again.

Here’s what he would say…

“Always give your boss more than you get paid and you will always have whatever you need. If you make $5.00 an hour, give them $15. Show up early and work harder than everyone else.”

Ends up he was right.

I have been very blessed by applying that to my first job as a lot attendant, and as I moved up to a Service Advisor, and eventually a General Manager. That’s always been my driving motivation.

Give More Than You Get.

Now, even though I don’t technically work for you, when you get in and start looking around the Training Platform, you are getting a piece of me.

My heart and soul is in this and I take your desire to be the best very seriously.

I understand that not everyone reading this wants to be successful or do what it takes to the best, and so it won’t be right for everyone.

But if you do, we are going to have a lot of fun together.

Oh, and one more thing before you go through the details. You should know that I HATE consultants!

Hate, with a capital H!

My experience with consultants is that they point out what you are doing wrong, throw a bunch of idealized and unproven strategies out and then leave you on your own to implement.

Myself and my entire team are just like you.

We come from the retail side of the Business and have always been skeptical of consultants and factory reps.

Service Manager University

Learn how to: 

  • Build menus that convert
  • Increase your ELR by $15-$25 by using new pricing strategies
  • Implement inspection systems that self-manage
  • Read and comprehend financial statements
  • Improve your leadership skills
  • Create effective shop loading and dispatching systems
  • Effectively hire and recruit top talent
  • Become a master of time management (i.e. work/life balance)
  • And much, much more including hours of OnDemand online coursework

Service Managers control more gross and affect the customer experience more than any other position at the dealership but receive the least amount of training and mentorship. Most of what they have learned over the years comes from tribal knowledge or the factory. Service Manager University (SMU) teaches you proven strategies that work in today’s competitive climate.

SMU will develop your unshakable confidence and create the mindset to make the right things happen for the dealership, your customers, your staff, and for you.

Technician Tree Recruiting

Never has technician recruiting been more difficult!

It is estimated we are losing two technicians for every new one coming into our industry.

Technician Tree will walk you through the steps to recruit and build a balanced mix of technicians. You can have the culture in the shop you want and the production you need in order to hit the big sales number you deserve. This isn’t a course you want your competition to get their hands on before you do. 

“Almost instantly the demeanor of the department changed.”

“We were given a goal to beat the previous month by $25K (parts & labor) by the Service Director. We not only passed that number, but surpassed it by $87K. The ball was rolling and momentum was increasing. We finished my first full month with a 31.4% net/gross!”

“We have consistently maintained at least a 25% or better net/gross and our ELR is consistently 105-113.00.”

Roberta Callow

Denny Menholt Honda

Service Advisor Academy

This is by far the most effective advisor training ever created. Some say advisors are salespeople. Those people have never written service at a high level. Advisors are customer collectors and their sales are based on trust more than anything else.

Service Advisor Academy will teach your advisors how to connect with customers on a deeper level as they master the “Circle Of Trust”. When customers are in safe and dependable vehicles, sales happen easier and more consistently benefiting everyone. Help advisors learn that staying in one place and collecting customers is the secret to their long-term success.

Pet The Dog Customer Service

The greatest advantage you can have in your market is great customer service. It costs nothing and is impossible to execute for the unenlightened.  Offering, and receiving, great customer service is because of social media and today’s trends towards minimizing human contact.

Even if you’re the best in your field, if you don’t connect, the customer will walk away.

People are desperate to connect with people. You’ve got to “pet the dog”. This course will help you understand why it’s vital to help customers see that you care about their needs, and explore how your dealership can deliver the very best service for them as you understand their needs.

You want everyone who interacts with your customers to take this course.


With the guidance, techniques, and tools included in this course, you’ll be able to make a PERMANENT CHANGE in the way your sales team thinks and operates.

  • Your team will be happier and more energized.
  • Many studies have proven that better morale means MORE SALES.
  • Better morale also means better CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.
  • This leads to referrals and repeat business, and EVEN MORE SALES.
  • Your team will LOVE COMING TO WORK!
  • LOWER TURNOVER and the costs that come with it.
  • Call-offs and tardiness will drop off dramatically.
  • Discipline issues will DISAPPEAR.

You’ll have the tools to target exactly what you need to sell and maximize profits!

Damon Egan

“We needed a full paradigm shift in our attitude, execution, and presentation to our guests. I came back with the attitude that this challenge would not hinder the ability to succeed.”

“We immediately started to see results. ELR goes up, RO count goes up, And CSI goes up! We had happy advisors who were getting paid every day because they were happy at work. / What a job, where you get paid to play games!”

“We became the darlings of the entire dealership. We were absorbing more than ever and breaking every sales and gross record ever produced in the store.”

“I had actually forgotten or stopped caring that you can always better your best.”

“Our numbers went up again. ELR close to $120, hours per RO 2.3, GP percentages moving up and a fully engaged staff. We broke records in November and December for sales, gross and selling gross. The GM, dealer principal and the controller all were singing our praises.”

Damon Egan

Sherwood Ford



We often teach our technicians how to repair vehicles, but seldom are they taught how to make flat rate time management decisions, or how to increase their hours by selling more with the advisors.

This is a crucial piece to your overall success and keeping everyone rowing in the same direction.


Morning meetings will never be the same once you start using Pops. Our morning meeting videos do all the heavy lifting and start the day off with insight and inspiration.  These turnkey meeting starters will help transform your team from game-players to game-changers. This huge bank of Pops covers dozens of the most common topics you deal with, like how to help customers overcome decision anxiety, body language, the process of making sales happen, keeping consistent in presentation, why we lose sales, problem solving skills, and important customer warning signs.

Don Volk

“The first thing that hit me was, ‘Hey, wait a minute, this guy is not your everyday consultant! He thinks like one of us, he’s been in our shoes.”

“Well, enough about my excuses, let’s look at our results. We have improved the customer pay ELR from $84.97 to $108.02. This also allowed me to get a $13.00 per hour warranty labor rate increase. We have moved our overall ELR from a low of 80.42 to a current ELR of 109.93 today. Almost 30.00 for every hour booked. We have increased our CSI to an all-time high of 98.55 as compared to the regional average of 87.48. The service department’s profitability has increased a
full 20%. The big deal about that is we went from losing money every month and being a burden on the store to a real profit center and we brought parts right along with us!”

“You need a well thought out plan and you need to stick to it.”

“Without the guidance and support of the Chris Collins team, many of these changes would not have happened.”

Don Volk

Denny Menholt Chevy, Buick, GMC


With Super Admin access, your OnDemand account is available to your staff as you need it. You can add Service Advisors, Technicians, BDCs and VoiceCom personnel, and support staff as you see fit. Once they’re part of the program, each one will have their own account that you can monitor for progress and improvement. Super Admin access lets you share the wealth while you guide personnel to build a winning team for your dealership.


Instantly check the status of your personnel’s training progression. Are certifications up to date? What’s your technician’s progress? Do they need more training? In what areas? Training reporting helps you guide your staff get to maximize service, and maximize profits. This puts you in the driver’s seat to build the strongest service staff.

Mike Rabbits

“…we could improve the customer experience and, hopefully, the numbers would follow. Eureka, I suddenly had a road map.” /“Now I had a destination, and a road map to get there.”

“We immediately made changes to the lane that changed it from reactive to proactive (Judo/Pet the Dog). Implemented pay plans and spiffs that centered on CSI and building value in maintenance (Gamification). And, most importantly, established a course that would guide us to our ultimate destination.”

“Our CSI has gone from a monthly average of 62.2 to 84. Our ELR has gone from $81.97 to $94.87. Our Net to Gross has gone from <.02%> to 15.6%. We’ve had a 20% growth in gross Year over Year. Parts has grown from a 28% margin to nearly 40% The greatest news is that, while all these are all phenomenal growth numbers, we haven’t even reached our destination yet. / We’re not done. We’re just getting started!”

“I simply needed to follow the provided road map. The destination was to arrive at a fresh perspective to service, with a customer focus, increase the profits, and grow the total sales. Thank you, Chris, we are well on our way! / The cool thing about a destination is that arrival is eminent. Each step gets you closer.”

Mike Rabbits

Johnson City Ford

Service Drive Revolution
On-Demand Platform

Chris Collins on Demand: Train Your Team 24/7 365

Service Manager University

Technician Tree Recruiting Course

Service Advisor Academy

Technician Sales and Time Management

Pet The Dog Customer Service



Super Admin (Add Your Service Advisors,
Tech, BDC, Support Staff)

Training reporting

Entry into Service Manager Challenge ‘Win My 2020 Jeep Gladiator’

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Chris Collins on Demand: Train Your Team 24/7 365

Service Manager University

Technician Tree Recruiting Course

Service Advisor Academy

Technician Sales and Time Management

Pet The Dog Customer Service



Super Admin (Add Your Service Advisors,
Tech, BDC, Support Staff)

Training reporting

Entry into Service Manager Challenge ‘Win My 2020 Jeep Gladiator’

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