Service Drive Revolution OnDemand Training

This Service Department training system was designed with you in mind – driven by your individual needs and results as a leader.

No long-term contracts. No hidden fees. Cancel any time.

Here's what's included in our OnDemand Training:

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Workbooks and Reporting

Every Module in Service Drive Revolution OnDemand comes with workbooks, goal sheets, and printable log books. Plus, every lesson is followed by a quiz to ensure that the information is retained. The online system will record results and reward certificates of completion for every course, enabling you to instantly check the status of your team's progression- Are certificates up to date? What's your Technician's Progress? Do they need more training? Our system puts you in the driver's seat to guide your staff to maximize profits.

One-on-one Strategy Session with Chris Collins

Spend an hour with Chris “The Bulldog” Collins himself to build a custom financial plan for you business, and set goals for yourself and your team. Hiring Chris for consulting could cost you $10,000 or more! But when you sign up for Service Drive Revolution OnDemand, you'll gain access to a one-on-one strategy session with Chris Collins for a fraction of the cost.

Hours of Bonus Material

Included with Service Drive Revolution are several hours worth of bonus content, including over 50 Morning Meeting Pops, over 6 hours of Guest Speakers from our annual Top Dog event, lessons in Accountability and Retention from our Virtual Coaching Meeting Guest Speakers, and more!

What People Are Saying

Damon Egan
“We needed a full paradigm shift in our attitude, execution, and presentation to our guests. I came back with the attitude that this challenge would not hinder the ability to succeed.” “We immediately started to see results. ELR goes up, RO count goes up, And CSI goes up! We had happy advisors who were getting paid every day because they were happy at work. / What a job, where you get paid to play games!” “We became the darlings of the entire dealership. We were absorbing more than ever and breaking every sales and gross record ever produced in the store.” “I had actually forgotten or stopped caring that you can always better your best.” “Our numbers went up again. ELR close to $120, hours per RO 2.3, GP percentages moving up and a fully engaged staff. We broke records in November and December for sales, gross and selling gross. The GM, dealer principal and the controller all were singing our praises.”
Damon Egan

Sherwood Ford

“Almost instantly the demeanor of the department changed.” “We were given a goal to beat the previous month by $25K (parts & labor) by the Service Director. We not only passed that number, but surpassed it by $87K. The ball was rolling and momentum was increasing. We finished my first full month with a 31.4% net/gross!” “We have consistently maintained at least a 25% or better net/gross and our ELR is consistently 105-113.00.”
Roberta Callow

Denny Menholt Honda

Don Volk
“The first thing that hit me was, ‘Hey, wait a minute, this guy is not your everyday consultant! He thinks like one of us, he’s been in our shoes.” “Well, enough about my excuses, let’s look at our results. We have improved the customer pay ELR from $84.97 to $108.02. This also allowed me to get a $13.00 per hour warranty labor rate increase. We have moved our overall ELR from a low of 80.42 to a current ELR of 109.93 today. Almost 30.00 for every hour booked. We have increased our CSI to an all-time high of 98.55 as compared to the regional average of 87.48. The service department’s profitability has increased a full 20%. The big deal about that is we went from losing money every month and being a burden on the store to a real profit center and we brought parts right along with us!” “You need a well thought out plan and you need to stick to it.” “Without the guidance and support of the Chris Collins team, many of these changes would not have happened.”
Don Volk

Denny Menholt Chevy, Buick, GMC