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3 Counterintuitive Secrets to Skilled Technician Retention

technician retention strategies

The Technician shortage is looming. Baby boomers keep retiring while fewer young prospects enter the talent pipeline. So, how do you keep the all-stars you already have? Most shops play defense by cutting costs instead of investing in culture. But saving a few bucks won’t compete with the coming crisis. You need people to feel […]

The 5 Keys to Slashing Technician Turnover at Your Dealership

reducing technician turnover

Working in the Service Department, you know how painful technician turnover can be. Finding talented technicians is hard enough, but then you pour time and money into training them, only to see them walk out the door right when they get up to speed. High turnover crushes productivity, morale, and your bottom line.  So what’s […]

4 Reasons Why Service Advisor Pay Plans Change


We’re going to talk about the thing that everybody hates– pay plans. We’re going to give you a little insight into why the pay plan keeps changing. Whether you’re under Service Advisor pay plans or Service Manager pay plans, it doesn’t matter what position you’re in. Because we have all experienced confusing changes to our […]

Automotive technician pay plans: Hourly vs. Flat Rate…

automotive technician pay plans: flat rate vs. hourly

Is the best automotive technician pay plan flat rate or hourly? Before we start talking about automotive technician pay plans, we need to talk about technicians. A lot of technicians don’t feel like they should be measured as much on production, and there probably are places where that is a legitimate concern.  What I do […]


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