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Bridging the Parts and Service Rivalry at Car Dealerships 

Setting expectations

At any dealership I visit, I can assess within 5 minutes whether Parts and Service Departments work well together. Unfortunately, more often than not, there is clear friction between these teams. It reminds me of the infamous family rivalry between the Capulets and Montagues (Romeo and Juliet)! This led my colleague Christian and I to […]

Crazy Dealership Stories Of Buying A New Car

Welcome everybody to Service Drive Revolution. I’m Chris Collins and this is Christian Lafferty. We have a great show coming up for you today. I’m going to talk about something very emotional, it’s about something that made me really want to cry recently and I will tell everybody that I’m not the kind of person […]

Quick Lube Express: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Welcome everybody to Service Drive Revolution on today’s show, we answer your questions with our special guest for the episode. We’ll be talking about Quick Lube Express Lanes and how it impacts your dealership.  Please give me a round of applause to Mia for being a special guest on the show. I wasn’t going to […]

DigniFi: Financing Cars with LeeAnn Radonski

We have LeeAnn Radonski here today with us and we will talk about DigniFi and how they are transforming the way we purchase thing.  Welcome everybody to Service Drive Revolution, we hope you’re having a great week! Chris Collins here and I have is Christian Lafferty who is back from a long road trip with […]

Hiring Military Veterans for Your Service Department

Today we have a guest for you and he’ll be talking about hiring military veterans. Welcome everybody to Service Drive Revolution, I’m Chris Collins and I have Christian Lafferty with me today.  Our fascination with it was how to figure out how to hire and recruit Technicians from the military and it’s something that we’ve […]

Service Departments: Lifetime Alignments

Welcome everybody to Service Drive Revolution, I’m Chris Collins and we have Christian Lafferty with us. Today we have a guest and we are going to talk about marking retention and lifetime alignments for life. Then we’re going to talk about stress in the workplace, mental illness, and how that conversation gets very intimate and […]

How Tesla Buying Experience Is Changing The Industry

Is the Tesla Buying Experience changing the world?    Today on the show, Christian and I are going to talk about, should you automate service advisers or automate salespeople and are people still buying cars, even though they’re expensive? Is Christian actually an unaware pain in the customer? Do salespeople and service advisors add to […]

Strong Leadership Skills To Have As A Service Advisor

Today on Service Drive Revolution. We’ll be talking to a service advisor about burnout and we have a special guest that will help me talk about strong leadership skills.   Our special guest today is Ryan Mutalib, Fixed Ops Director at Weiler Honda of Colerain.    The first thing I wanted to ask Ryan was […]


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