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Service Advisors Giving Away Free Car Diagnosis

Today Christian and I are going to talk about something that was polarizing on our LinkedIn profile and it is about ‘How to handle Diagnosis with customers?’ We will be giving you the best episode you’ll ever see!

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Top 10 List You DON’T Want Your Business to Be On

Christian and I  have an episode today that is for everybody! Who’s ever been disappointed with customer service? There’s tons of examples of companies out there that put profits before customer service or they’re just too big and stupid to care about their customers because they have a monopoly in whatever industry that they are in.

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Interview With The Winner Of My Jeep Giveaway

Wow, I can’t believe Top Dog 2021 is already over! I am blown away at the positive feedback we have received from everyone who attended the event and seeing the immediate, positive results has been inspiring.  On top of the event being a total blast, we got to announce the winner of the 2021 “Service Manager Challenge”, Amanda Hayslett! 

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Service Manager Tips to Having Saturday’s Off

On today’s episode of Service Drive Revolution, we have two of the finalists in the You versus You, Jeep challenge.  We’ve got Christopher and Casey with some great interviews. If you work at a Dealership and you’re a Service Advisor you will want to take some notes because it’s going to be good stuff.  

Rise To The Top As The Service Manager

Welcome everybody to the big show, Service Drive Revolution. We are profiling finalists from the Service Manager challenge, where you can win my Jeep. I’ve been driving this Jeep blasting country music, running people off the road, and having a lot of fun for many years.

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Best Recruiting Practices To Hire The Right People

I’ll be going to talk about and break down the top five things that we look for in a coach, and it’s going to be relevant to whoever you’re hiring, whether that’s a Service Advisor or a Technician, because a lot of these philosophies carry over.  Also, I’ll be covering some trouble that Christian got into using Chase Hughes’ tools.

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Automotive Industry Analysis: Everything Must Go!

On today’s episode, we read and discuss an article by the Wall Street Journal, you’re going to see me get a little fired up about NADA, and Christian, a.k.a Chris-Chin, brainstorms some ideas about how the auto industry needs to start thinking outside the box. Oh and Christian not only blesses us with one of his side-splitting jokes, he gives us TWO! And what is even crazier is that I actually laughed this time. 

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Tire Season is Here: Automotive Industry Trends

Welcome everyone to the Service Drive Revolution!  Today, we are going to talk about tire season! It’s important that we get ahead of this and talk about it. We also are going to read a letter from a concerned citizen in parts, which is funny in and of itself. Lastly, we’re going to start off by saying, if you do not have your tickets for TOP DOG, make sure that you get them right away.

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