#27 – The Dirty Little Secret: The Future Of The Industry

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A tell-all episode with some obligatory NFL talk with Service Advisor Trainer and Service Manager Coach Jair Martinez…a 49er’s fan. This kind of football talk has relevance though as the guys discuss how football has created systems and culture, two huge components in the success of any business. How important is it that Tom Brady and the best coaches in the sport implement a great SYSTEM that converts? Furthermore, how important is it that other players and coaches, including rivals and competitors in the industry strive to learn from the greats? CULTURE AND SYSTEMS! – All is revealed and discussed in this week’s podcast.

Once the football talk is over, the main topic of the week – ‘The Future Of The Industry’ starting with the brand new Cadillac subscription program. As most other industries have clearly seen and outlined their progression, the guys highlight the realization we are living through the greatest technological and systemic advancement the car industry may have ever seen. As Chris states “General Motors… FORD…they don’t get it!”…“they need to listen to this!” – Chris follows this with his boldest, most concise, most epitomizing and arguably…his most important statement to date.

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