Business Outlaws – Celebrity Boxing Trainer, Matt Baiamonte – 3

On this edition of Business Outlaws, Chris Collins and BigMike sit down with top boxing trainer Matt Baiamonte. A protégé for 12 years of legendary boxing trainer Angelo Dundee, Baiamonte continues to employ Dundee’s proven methods to train top athletes and A-list celebrities including LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Matt Damon, Mike Wallace and Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys.

Listen in as Baiamonte shares his memories of Dundee and his most famous pupil Muhammad Ali, and reveals the traits and mindset of world-winning champions. Baiamonte also discusses the importance of having a trainer, using guided discovery to realize your potential, and understanding other people’s work ethics and effort levels.

Baiamonte, the Outlaws and host Jayme Foxx also discuss:

  • Understanding the ego (and how and when to use it).
  • Using visualization techniques to grow in your life and business.
  • Taking actionable steps to reach your goals.
  • Why continual learning is critical to self-mastery and business success.
Celebrity Boxing Trainer, Matt Baiamonte - 3

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