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Business Outlaws – Stop Making These Common Marketing Mistakes – 28

Anybody can sell a commodity. And nearly everybody who tries to sell a product fails. Why? Because they didn’t market their products effectively.

In this episode of Business Outlaws, BigMike talks marketing with Chris “Bulldog” Collins and host Jayme Foxx. In particular, BigMike calls out cookie-cutter influencers and self-proclaimed brand builders who are guilty of making one of the most dire marketing mistakes there is: Being exactly the same as everybody else in their industry. That’s not the only mistake the Business Outlaws call out — as Chris asks BigMike about what works and what doesn’t, BigMike explains how each mistake undermines otherwise effective businesses while giving examples from his own life. He also talks about the skills entrepreneurs must cultivate to make themselves better marketers, and why marketing is the most important thing to master in business.

After you’ve listened to the episode, go to for more exclusive content and behind-the-scenes footage. Want even more awesome Business Outlaws content? Follow @JaymeFoxx, @BigMike and @ChrisBulldogCollins on Instagram.

Stop Making These Common Marketing Mistakes - 28

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