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Success Story

Brandon K.

Net/Gross went from 2.2% to 21.9%
Effective Labor Rate increase of $10
CSI rise from 74.2 to 81

Every Day Means Every Day (EDMED). If you are going to even think about it, you might as well practice it. Why invest the time & energy into thinking about it if you’re not willing to make it happen?

One of the quotes that has stuck with me from all of the Chris Collins Group training is this one, “Yesterday was the dress rehearsal for the future.”

This quote has helped me focus on what it means to get better every day, to learn from our mistakes, and do it better than you ever thought you could tomorrow.

Staying committed to be better every day has helped me get to and stay on the path to become the kind of the leader I want and need to be; A leader who recognizes the power of their team as individuals and who can harness it to achieve and exceed our team goals.

We all have stuff we need to work on getting better at every day, using the power of your team to help you do this means everyone wins, I now recognize the power of enabling my team every day to make sure their daily growth exceeds my own.

“Learn from your mistakes”, it is easy to assume that if you don’t learn from them, you will just make them again, right? If I choose to not learn from them, there is no way at all that I can justify holding my team accountable. Everyone does this a little differently. Whether a person chooses to show it or not, everyone has a trait to be able to hold themselves accountable, the trick is enabling them to do it.

If you invest the effort, time & dedication that is necessary to get better at something – you will surprise yourself – you will do it better than you ever thought you could. I have been able to do this a couple of times recently, what a feeling – I won!

This would be a very long essay if I were to list all of the skills & techniques I have learned in the last year, they are all invaluable.

I know that my team is stronger than it ever has been, I have learned how to better understand, coach & hold accountable the most difficult members of my team.

Our team goals are common and being involved in their personal goals is amazing, enabling them to reach their goals and learning their strategies has helped me become a quality leader.

A mentor of mine once told me “If you want your team to run through a brick wall for you, you have to do it for them first.” It took me some time to learn what this truly means, being involved in your team’s individual & personal goals demonstrates a commitment that can never be bought.

Some of the other things I have focused on getting better is becoming better during interviews (I want to be an interview sniper). I am on the path of being an authentic & curious leader whose toolbox is stronger than it ever has been.

Some of my goals when I started with Chris Collins were to improve the financials strength of my department, our CSI Scores, and employee retention.

We have made vast improvements in all of these categories, do you want to hear the best part of it all? We are just getting started!



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