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Success Story

Dave C.

These are the results Dave’s seen with the Chris Collins Signature Coaching Program:

Net/Gross went from -19.46% to 36.01%
Effective Labor Rate (ELR) increased $26
CSI rise from 93 to 94

It’s taken some work, but you can’t argue with these results… and he is just getting started.

Read David’s success story below…

Congratulations to David C. and his team from St. Louis for being a runner-up the 2017 $50,000 Service Manager Challenge. He joined the Chris Collins Inc community in March of 2016 and since then has seen impressive growth at his dealership as he implemented the tools and techniques gained in the Chris Collins Signature Coaching Group.


I am not a dreamer, or so I thought. I was more of a “get it done” person who took pride in being able to handle just about any situation, no matter how difficult, when most people would falter. Over time-18 years at Mercedes Benz St. Louis-and without realizing it, I evolved into the best firefighter at the dealership. My intentions were good; however, the results were lackluster at best.

Here I was at a brand new, state-of-the-art dealership, only the second in the country like it. This is what I had been waiting for, and I was more excited than if it were my own. Still, it seemed I was stuck putting out fires and did not know how to stop this crazy spiral and completely change everything I was doing to regain control of my life and my department. The owner deserved a good return on his investment. In my heart, I knew it could be done, yet my mind was too clouded with the fires to be put out.

I had known about the Chris Collins program for several years, but had not put in the time to find what it was really about. Then came mid-summer of 2016, when the service department should have been turning a profit but instead was losing some of the best technicians in the Midwest. My world was crumbling. The thought of resigning entered my mind and life as I knew it seemed to be ending.

I had a very productive meeting with Kate, the General Manager, that focused on the Chris Collins program and what they claimed they could do for us and my department. After some research, it was evident they were helping many others and the improvements were real and long-lasting. I was ready to jump on board.

The first time I met Mario was enlightening. He seemed not much different than myself, other than an extremely high energy level. It quickly became apparent that the energy was derived from Mario’s drive to succeed and be the best. He taught me to prepare more so not to allow the fires to start, to write down my goals, and to work backward to find the path to reach those goals.

The first 40 to 60 days were 12-13 hours long, but I quickly realized how that time spent planning and organizing would not only free up my time, but would also allow me the ability to stop many of the fires from starting. As a result, I could focus on the staff and their training, allowing me more time to plan, build structure, and set new goals for everyone to achieve. The fires waned. Then, without realizing the exact day, my life and department began rotating rhythmically as if it were a finely tuned engine.

Now, I am driving this finely tuned engine and turning a profit that I feared was impossible. Each new day my thoughts and focus are on getting more horsepower. That horsepower is equal to a better service experience for our customers, a happier work force-unlike what I had seen in 10 years-and a return on investment that I promised Kate and Tom. I could not have accomplished this miraculous feat without the help and push from Mario and Hassan. They are visionaries I attempt to emulate every day and a reminder that a mere mortal man can achieve miraculous results if he’s goal-oriented and focused.



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