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When Should You Deviate From Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance?

Before we go into the topic of today’s show, we have an interesting development: So Jeremy ordered parts from a Ford dealer that wasn’t named on the show, but you could draw a circle around his shop and maybe figure out. They’re up in the high desert and they generally don’t use any of the […]

Every Service Advisor’s Holy Grail

We got a lot of action on the show with dealerships vs. independents and who has the advantage, but Jeremy’s got a client at his shop, Freedom Auto Repair, who’s also a marketing professor, and he calls up Jeremy like, “Hey, I caught the episode you did, independents vs. dealerships. Great stuff, but you guys […]

Your Service Department’s Secret Weapon– And It’s FREE!

Have you ever wanted a nuclear weapon? Think of your industry competition as an arms race. So would you want to risk not having one when you don’t know who else might? Well on today’s show, we talk about a secret advantage that’s a nuclear weapon to add to your arsenal, and it’s free! The […]

The Top 5 Four-Letter Words Service Advisors Say

Today we have a very informative (and funny) topic that we’re excited about: The Top Five Four-Letter Words Service Advisors Use Every Day! And before you ask, yes. These four-letter words are all G-rated. They’re all still bad, though. If you’re a service advisor, these are words that you definitely want to avoid at all […]

Using Humor to Connect With Customers (ft. Drew Tarvin)

Nothing’s more contagious and endearing and fun than humor. Nothing bonds you with somebody as easily as humor. Nothing will improve your customer service as significantly as humor. Even just seeing somebody laugh or smile makes you want to do the same. There’s research that shows that we, as humans, have neurons in our brains […]

Dealerships vs. Independent Shops Part 2

Monday, Monday, Monday, it’s Round Two of the Shop Showdown! Dealerships vs. Independent Shops: Who Has the Advantage? Who will win the fight for supremacy? Find out the answer, only on the final chapter of this special two-part Service Drive Revolution event! On today’s episode, Jeremy talks about independent shops and why (he thinks) they […]

Dealerships vs. Independent Shops Part 1

dealerships vs independent shops

Monday, Monday, Monday, it’s the battle of the century! Today’s big match is Dealerships vs. Independent Shops…. Who Has the Advantage? Find out now! But before we get to the title fight, let’s start with what’s happening outside the ring… So I rented this Airbnb on this lake up in Washington. My family’s had property […]

3 Things Service Manager KPI Is Based On

3 KPIs you're being judged on

Being judged on something without you knowing is kind of like being asked to drive without a steering wheel, but it happens to Service Managers all the time… So that’s why today’s show is all about the 3 Service Manger KPI, or Key Performance Indicators, that Service Managers are judged on– Whether they know it […]

Are You an Amateur, or a Pro?

amateur or pro service advisor

What a crazy week, but who am I kidding? Every week for the last 3 months have been crazy weeks, especially for fixed ops! So a couple weeks ago, we read this list by Car and Driver of the three most influential cars of all time… but it was a terrible list. Christian and I […]


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