How to Retain Technicians

Christian and I had an interesting exchange yesterday. He thought I was trying to “open a loop” on him, which is an NLP thing. That’s like if I said, “Christian, I know how you can make a million dollars, but first…” and then we talk about something else, so then that loop is still in […]

Is It Okay To Steal From Customers?

I think I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m having more fun than ever. The only thing going wrong is that I’ll be 50 in a couple years, and 50’s kind of the beginning of the end… assuming I don’t live to be 100. So I wouldn’t exactly call it a mid-life, but […]

The Top 5 Career Moves Service Advisors Can Make

How can a service advisor get in the fast lane, the passing lane, and really jump ahead in their career? Today we’re going to talk about the top five career moves a service advisor can make! We’ve been selling a lot of our OnDemand platform that comes with Service Manager University, the best service advisor […]

How to Use Tire Season to Steal Market Share

I’ve gotta get out of LA. It’s like Armageddon here. People keep getting shot; somebody got shot right in the throat two blocks away yesterday! I asked Jeremy where we should move, but he insists on staying in California and he had something really interesting to say about everything going on right now: With all […]

Which 2020 Presidential Candidate is Better for the Auto Industry?

You know what they say? Don’t talk politics. Today’s show is about something that could be touchy, but that just makes it more exciting. Some of you might not be able to put away your preconceived, blind faith following CNN or Fox News propaganda, but we’re gonna try to talk about which candidate, Biden or […]

When Should You Deviate From Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance?

Before we go into the topic of today’s show, we have an interesting development: So Jeremy ordered parts from a Ford dealer that wasn’t named on the show, but you could draw a circle around his shop and maybe figure out. They’re up in the high desert and they generally don’t use any of the […]

Every Service Advisor’s Holy Grail

We got a lot of action on the show with dealerships vs. independents and who has the advantage, but Jeremy’s got a client at his shop, Freedom Auto Repair, who’s also a marketing professor, and he calls up Jeremy like, “Hey, I caught the episode you did, independents vs. dealerships. Great stuff, but you guys […]

Your Service Department’s Secret Weapon– And It’s FREE!

Have you ever wanted a nuclear weapon? Think of your industry competition as an arms race. So would you want to risk not having one when you don’t know who else might? Well on today’s show, we talk about a secret advantage that’s a nuclear weapon to add to your arsenal, and it’s free! The […]

The Top 5 Four-Letter Words Service Advisors Say

Today we have a very informative (and funny) topic that we’re excited about: The Top Five Four-Letter Words Service Advisors Use Every Day! And before you ask, yes. These four-letter words are all G-rated. They’re all still bad, though. If you’re a service advisor, these are words that you definitely want to avoid at all […]

Using Humor to Connect With Customers (ft. Drew Tarvin)

Nothing’s more contagious and endearing and fun than humor. Nothing bonds you with somebody as easily as humor. Nothing will improve your customer service as significantly as humor. Even just seeing somebody laugh or smile makes you want to do the same. There’s research that shows that we, as humans, have neurons in our brains […]