Why You Should Stop Following the Golden Rule – with Glenn Lundy

Glenn Lundy says the secret to his success is in redefining the “Golden Rule.” He says you have to “treat others the way that they would treat themselves,” and cater to a customer’s individual needs. Glenn Lundy is an industry leader, consultant, and father to seven.


To say Glenn has a storied past would be a grave understatement. His career in car sales started when he got himself into hot water in his early 20s and needed a well-paying job fast. He saw an ad for a dealership that guaranteed he could make $5000 a month so he went running. They said he needed to sell 20 cars a month to make that money and he did right away. He worked his way up to manager but his personal life was falling apart and in a fury of resentment he picked up and moved to Vegas to be a professional poker player. He lost everything, had terrible credit, not a penny to his name and burned every bridge. So, he went back to what he knew could make him good money, selling cars at Dan Cummins in Paris, Kentucky.

Glenn hated the culture in the automotive sales industry so he fought to create an environment that was great for the employee as well as the customer. By implementing his new philosophy at Dan Cummins, he took their sales from 120 cars a month to 800-1000 in a town that only has 9600 people. He became the face of the dealership because he knew how to work social media and branding online. He started hiring millennials and would mine the local bars and restaurants for people he saw potential in. He figured out how to work with the younger generation and says it was the best thing he ever did for the dealership.

Learn more about what makes Glenn tick and how you can increase your sales by hiring millennials.

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Why Trump’s Tax Reform Might Cause a Dip in Car Sales and What You Can do to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Economists are predicting that Trump’s new tax reform will likely cause a big dip in auto sales this spring. Find out what Chris thinks about the doom and gloom sales predictions and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve.

Listen in to talk about a recent NADA article that claims dealerships are losing money in operations for the first time and a discussion about how training service managers might be one way to fight off a decrease in sales.

Chris and Sylvia answer listener questions, announce the March comp winners, and Sylvia comes clean about something she lied about on-air.

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Lisa Copeland: Follow the Money

Lisa Copeland received “The Walter P. Chrysler” Award for sales and service excellence, was named one of the Five Most Powerful Women in Austin by the Austin Business Journal, broke the sales record at Fiat for selling 100 brand new Fiat 500s in a month and is the co-author of Crushing Mediocrity.

Today, she teaches you to follow the money.

Lisa’s serendipitous career in the automotive industry started while she was attending fashion school in Dallas, Texas. After crashing her car – and lacking the funds to fix it – Lisa got a job at a local dealership so she could drive a demo. She quickly realized that not only are there very few women working in the automotive world but that they are totally underserved – women don’t buy cars – and she could see why. She became determined to cater to female clients as well as minorities and millennials. Her MO was simple, make the car shopping experience as pleasant and exciting as shopping for shoes. By following the money to see who is spending where and applying her customer-focused philosophy, Lisa has been able to stay relevant in an industry that is quickly becoming dominated by ride sharing and car subscription services.

Tune in to learn more about what drives Lisa and how she thinks we can all navigate through the uncertain future of the auto industry.

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Chris Answers Your Questions and Talks About the Threat of A.I. Replacing Service Advisors

On this week’s episode, Chris, and head of Salvation at Chris Collins Inc., Sylvia, announce the February comp winners, discuss why artificial intelligence might be every Service Advisors’ biggest competition right now and answer some of your questions!

Chris deals out advice on how to handle major recalls at your dealership, brainstorms with Sylvia about a new app that might take some of the pain out of getting to and from the Service Department for the customer and reveals how you can make friends and influence people as a Service Advisor. Tune in to hear your questions answered, and as always, subscribe now so you can stay up to date with Service Drive Revolution.

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Brian Benstock: Why disrupting the auto industry might be the only way to survive

This week, Chris talks to Brian Benstock, the GM and VP of the #1 Honda and Acura dealership in the world, Paragon in Queens NY, and is known for his customer driven philosophy “The Future is Frictionless,” and for following the digital trends of big name companies like Amazon and Peloton.

Brian grew up on Long Island and around the age of 12 he started playing hockey but his dad couldn’t afford to buy him the right gear. So in order to play, he made his own pads out of foam, plastic and jean fabric. He didn’t make the team but for his next birthday his dad bought him the right gear and he decided that if his dad was going to invest this much in him that he would invest all he had into becoming a great hockey player. And he did, he even played for the minor leagues. Then, at the age of 22 someone told him there was no real future in playing hockey and he needed to get a real job. That’s when he started working for Paragon Honda in Queens “until something better came along,” – he’s been there for 36 years! By working as hard as he could and constantly pushing back the goal post, he worked his way up to where he is today.

Brian believes that if you want to be successful you must be disruptive. He looks to companies like Amazon, Instagram and Uber and applies their business models it to his dealership and service departments. He’s invented software to create a “frictionless” experience for the customer booking car service and some of his customers never even leave their house. He believes that the auto industry is our game to win and if you can adjust with the changing trends and find new opportunities then you can be extremely successful.

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Chris Answers Your Questions and Talks About Why People Think He’s a Sugar Daddy

On this week’s episode, Chris, and head of Salvation at Chris Collins Inc., Sylvia, announce the January comp winners, discuss why people ask Sylvia if Chris is her “sugar daddy,” and answer some of your questions!

Chris gets real and talks about declining numbers in new car sales and how you can prepare yourselves for the coming year by reframing your approach to customer service. He relives nightmare stories from the sales floor and explains how gamification can push your team to reach goals you’ve never imagined.

Tune in to hear your questions answered and learn how you can prepare yourself for the trends Chris is predicting for this year, and as always, subscribe now so you can stay up to date with Service Drive Revolution.

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What Have You Done For Me Lately with Guests Mark and Dave Waco

In this week’s episode, Chris sits with Mark and Dave Waco. They talk drag racing and Playboy mansion parties. This father-son duo run one of the leading chemical companies in automotive – MOC Chemicals. Mark bought the company back in 1975 and put his son, Dave, to work in the 1990s driving trucks for the company in San Francisco. Mark brings an old school charm to the table that seems to be lost on many of today’s young entrepreneurs and Dave has the tech know-how to keep the company ahead of the curve. By always putting their customer first, they have been able to keep the same clients for decades and have expanded to 19 countries outside of the U.S. Mark says the secret to their success is consistently reinventing themselves to stay relevant. Instead of bucking against the changing tide, Mark and Dave adapt to stay afloat.

Tune in to learn more about what makes the Wacos tick and what they think the future holds for the auto industry.

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Make Your Magic More Believable By Keeping It Real

“The mistake people make is they try to be a superhero, but they don’t realize that even Superman had kryptonite,” Chris “Bulldog” Collins says. “No one will believe you without imperfections. If you’re just putting the best part of you out there, then you’re not believable. You’re not believable if you’re too good to be true.”

In the third installment of the Business Outlaws series on building your brand, the Outlaws lay out a detailed roadmap on how to effectively tell your story and build that into your brand. Your brand needs a story that builds trust and authority with consumers if you want to get to the top of the market. BigMike reveals how he uses these strategies to see into the minds of his consumers.

Listen to Ep. 54 for proven storytelling strategies, and start creating a brand that will engage your audience on a subconscious level. When you’re done listening, head over to BusinessOutlaws.com to find out where and when the last installment in this series will drop. While you’re there, make sure you check out all the behind-the-scenes content.

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The Size of Your Problems Is the Size of Your Life

If you can’t run your home life, can you run a business?

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Will You Stay Quiet Or Take A Stand?

“It sucks to be mediocre,” BigMike says. “Do you know why? No one pays attention to you. Because you’re invisible.”

The only way to make yourself known is to take a stand. Ask yourself, “what do I believe in?” Then, fight for it.

In the second installment of the Business Outlaws series on building your brand, the Outlaws teach you how to set yourself apart from other brands by stepping out of the shadows and moving toward your fears.

Whether it’s a fear of failure, success or the spotlight, fear is one of the most powerful emotions that can hold you back. But once you begin to confront your fears head-on, you’ll learn what real courage and strength is. And you can use that courage to carry your brand across the finish line.

Tune in to Ep. 53 to discover how confronting your fears not only helps build your brand but helps you compete with opposing brands. Make sure you listen until the end to hear BigMike and Chris “Bulldog” Collins ideate branding strategies with the audience. When you’re done listening, check out BusinessOutlaws.com for behind-the-scenes content and more full episodes from the Outlaws.

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