How To Use Marketing Effectively – Service Drive Revolution #55

Marketing is this topic today with Service Drive gurus Chris Collins and Gary Daniel. In this snack size episode of Service Drive Revolution, perfect for your morning commute, Chris and Gary discuss the process of Marketing. How can you drive traffic to the service drive, be the most effective with your ad dollars and most importantly how to drive the correct type focus-customers.

The guys want to teach you how to work smart and don’t end up doing more for less, as Chris states “90 percent of the time you don’t need more cars, you need to increase your sales per car”. How do you do this?

All is revealed in this episode of SDR!

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The Role Of The Shop Foreman – Service Drive Revolution #54

The role of the SHOP FOREMAN …

Chris and Gary catch up with some brief conversation about a “fasting” documentary in which Gary felt inspired by with his never-ending cholesterol issues. This is quickly put into context by Chris by simply stating “fasting is when you don’t eat!”. The main topic of today is to understand what the role of the shop foreman is.

The guys look at the differences between foreman’s that drive production and “coffee cup” formans. If you work in the Service Drive either as a tech, advisor or you’re a shop foreman yourself, this is must listen episode!

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How to Interview Like a Boss – Interviewing Techniques and Skills from THE Cal Fussman

Business performance leader Chris Collins sits down with journalist and author Cal Fussman. Cal is a Writer at Large for Esquire magazine, known for the ‘What I’ve Learned’ column, and is known from his interview techniques and skills rooted from extensive experience in the interviewing and journalism world. Some of Cal’s interviews include Mikhail Gorbachev, Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Jack Welch, Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood, Al Pacino, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, Dr. Dre, Quincy Jones, Woody Allen, Barbara Walters, Pelé, Yao Ming, Serena Williams, John Wooden, and Muhammad Ali. Although Cal has a slight cold, he reveals some of his most compelling and useful interviewing techniques. Chris then discusses and compares these life-changing techniques to major components in the business performance world including customer service, people connection, and sales. This is a must listen show, as you will get full-access into one of the leaders in interviewing sharing his most important tips and techniques when it comes to the interview process and hiring skills.

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The Dangers of Scaling Too Fast (Revisited)

Problems that businesses can run into when scaling too fast. Various issues include hiring systems and cash flow issues.

If you have a business and you want to scale and grow, this is MUST-LISTEN episode so that you don’t run into any deal-breaking problems along the way.

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The Art Of Making Things Happen With Steve Sims (Full Interview) Revisited

Friend and C.E.O of Bluefish, a personal concierge service for VIPs and Executives, Steve Sims.

In PART ONE of this fascinating two-part podcast, Steve Sims unravels some of his secrets in how to create and sell unforgettable experiences. Amongst the mind-blowing stories of setting up a dinner in the Accademia Museum of Florence, under the statue of David and being serenaded by Andrea Bocelli, Steve discusses his essential tools for building a business where the experience is the commodity, such as under promise over deliver, the issue of self-marketing and letting others add credibility and how to build and have access to a super exclusive network.

In PART TWO, Steve continues with incredible stories building up what became BlueFish. He discusses moments of fear or failure, his exclusive connections, transparency and authenticity and making clear that you should never try to be something you’re not.

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How To Double Sales At An Equinox Gym Revisited

Doubling sales without new customers?

On this today’s show, we discuss a few some simple tools and processes that can double sales for a business in the gym industry. We use the gym we go to every day – Equinox in Los Angeles, as our case study example. Without increasing foot traffic or growing a bigger customer following, we break down some simple steps and ideas that would completely transform the sales of an Equinox (or any gym for that matter) using the customer base that already exists. Challenge yourself to take these tools and tips, and think how it could be applied to other businesses in different industries.

In addition, the show includes some special features on ‘Amazing Moments In Business’ with comedian Daniel Z Barber and ‘Millennial Work Problems’ with Andy Pifko and Molly Schreiber.

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Advisor PayPlans – Service Drive Revolution #53

Service Drive gurus Chris Collins and Gary Daniel are back revisiting the widely successful Service Drive Revolution to discuss ADVISOR PAY PLANS.

First off, Chris tells a hilarious story from the East coast coaching group meeting that involves, NFL, cigar bars, time confusion and head Chris Collins coach Jair Martinez. Moving onto the main topic of today, Advisor Pay Plans, Chris and Gary discuss what makes employees leave, how to manage finances when paying staff, how to pay employees so they earn more and how to double profits all while making your staff happier. This weeks show is must listen episode for those who want to know how service drive guru Chris Collins set ups advisor pay plans, and how it creates record breaking advisors who will not only earn more money and boost morale, but also dramatically increase profits in the service drive.

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We Answer Your Questions – Service Drive Revolution #52

They’re back! The Service Drive gurus Chris Collins and Gary Daniel are back revisiting the widely successful Service Drive Revolution to answer your questions. In this week’s episode, Chris and Gary catch upon what’s happened since they recorded the last episode at the Top Dog Event 2017. They discuss Gary’s health saga, including shoulder surgery from skateboarding accents, but most importantly they read and answer some of the questions coming into the office. These involve varied struggles from all over the industry, from conflicts with fellow colleagues to the fundamentals of Service Drive success – Customer Service. Listen and subscribe for future episodes.

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In this week’s show, we ask the question: do you have presence? What is presence? And how do you establish it? How do you command a room and use presence as an effective business tool that will create connections and a lasting impact?

Diving in, we discuss authenticity, self-pride and how to be aware of your demeanor, with the understanding of what effect it can have on clients, potential clients, colleagues and other leaders and entrepreneurs you engage with.

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The Art Of Making Things Happen With Steve Sims – Part 2

In this special two-part episode of Chris Collins Unleashed, we sit down with friend and CEO of Bluefish, a personal concierge service for VIPs and Executives, Steve Sims.

In part two, Steve continues with his incredible stories of how Bluefish came to be. He discusses the moments where he faced the fear of failure, how he made his exclusive connections, the importance of transparency and authenticity, and the idea that you should never try to be something you’re not.

Be sure to listen to part one of our interview with Steve before tuning into this one.

Be sure to check out Steve’s newly-released book: Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen. It’s available now!

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