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#30 – The Carlisle Technician Survey: PART 2

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In the JAM PACKED second installment of this two-part show, Service Drive Gurus Chris Collins, Gary Daniel and Jair Martinez continue their guidance through the Carlisle Technician Survey.

Chris has the perfect prognosis and remedy solution for the issues coming out the Carlisle Technician Survey. Discussing ways in which advisors and techs can bond and create better lines of communication leads onto some of the craziest stories heard on the show so far, THE “TRUST FALL” stories. Jair goes first and unravels a story of brotherhood trust, so strong that he lets a group of guys wake him up in the middle of the night, blindfold him, hang him over the edge of a 3 story building and…let him go. Gary leads on with his own story, which is less serious and more comical; a story of self-struggle, military style recreation, all within the context of a team building exercise. BOTH, however, lead to the same point – how can we break barriers, open trust and create bonds between people that will run much deeper.

After these highly entertaining but also insightful stories, Gary cracks back down to content and statistics. His findings bring to light a worrying set of stats and prospects painting a fairly bleak picture, to which Chris responds “WE GOTTA FIX IT!”. To wrap up the show Jair asks Chris some great questions on the process of writing a book like The Irreplaceable Service Manager. How do you go about putting a book like that together? Why can only someone who has experience in the service drive can write a book like that and not a ghost writer? Chris gives some great tips from behind the scenes of writing his bestselling books.

Join the Chris Collins Family in this show to wrap up the highly intriguing two-part episode “Carlisle Technician Survey”. Gary has taken out the hard work and pain by going through the entire study, dissecting and then highlighting the important tools and new stuff that you can take away and implement in your SERVICE DRIVE TODAY.

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