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#35 – How to Make Profit and CSI Sexy

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How CSI and profit can be sexy. But first, as part of SERVICE DRIVE REVOLUTION tradition, the guys start out with some catch-up talk on their week.

Chris and Gary went from Las Vegas to Washington Florida, and had some hilarious mishaps on the way. Gary just so happened to book a meeting during Daytona 500 so the city was packed. Furthermore, Gary thought it would be a good idea to book an AirBnB for the weekend, which seemed like a perfect plan. Then Chris realized Gary had read the ad wrong and booked a room in someone’s house, rather the entire house as he had intended. That wasn’t going to work for Chris so no big problem – just book a hotel room – only it was Daytona 500 and you couldn’t book a room no matter how hard you try. Listen to the FULL EPISODE to find out how they hilariously get out of the predicament! Other highlights from the trip involve finding a bookstore with original signed Bukowski books, bumping into Donald Trump’ s motorcade and discussing who would be the best sponsor for the podcast – they’re thinking Cholesterol medicine brands such as Lipitor or Prilosec.

The guys nail down onto the focus content for this week. “One of the main things that we took away from the meetings was that we need to execute and create momentum”. Chris leads this on with how guys are missing the basics. They discuss how less is more, and that the subtly can be sexy. As Gary furthers “You can have all the new sexiest equipment like the tablets, but all that stuff doesn’t matter unless you have the solid foundation”. Although tools like this can be really helpful, Chris and Gary discuss ‘ blocking and tackling’, a repetitive formula of fundamentals is what succeeds. Gary brings up Jair’ s amazing talk on‘ The Visionary Roadmap’, which looks at how companies, such as Starbucks, implement step-by-step processes to map out each moment of the customer’s experience. To finalize their point, Gary uses a case study of when he worked at Mini and how another store doing way better in profit and CSI than the store he was in. To find out what they were doing different, Gary caught a flight and was shown very simply and very quickly what he was doing wrong in his store. Click the link below and listen to the full show to find out what this simple SOLUTION was. This solidifies the logic that understanding the basics is way more effective than searching for a magic pill.

This week’ s show paves the way in mindset, leadership, and management skills. Chris will reveal the POTENTIAL of effective systems and how creating a culture of belief is the big first step. It will help takes your SERVICE DRIVE to the next level and to record-breaking results…“There is no trick, the trick is just doing it!”

Service Drive Revolution by Chris Collins Inc.

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