Automotive technician pay plans: Hourly vs. Flat Rate…

automotive technician pay plans: flat rate vs. hourly

Is the best automotive technician pay plan flat rate or hourly? Before we start talking about automotive technician pay plans, we need to talk about technicians. A lot of technicians don’t feel like they should be measured as much on production, and there probably are places where that is a legitimate concern.  What I do […]

Traits of good service managers versus substandard managers

How to Become an Elite Service Manager

Many good service managers struggle in their job. That’s probably why we see an almost 50 percent turnover annually in service managers. Not only is that ridiculously high, but it also runs up costs for service companies.  When you consider it, service departments are spending money for recruiting, hiring and training new managers.  When managers […]

How to address market based pricing increases with your customers

My guy can do it cheaper

Today we’re talking about how to address market based pricing increases with your customers. If you’ve been out of your house in the last six months, you know that prices are escalating everywhere…and that includes the car service arena. I was in North Dakota a couple of weeks ago and a dealership there was charging […]

5 Ways To Increase Repair Order Count

Let’s talk about Repair Order Count!   Welcome everybody to Service Drive Revolution. Today, we are gonna talk about the impending doom of future repair order count dropping. We know that the repair order count is gonna drop over the next 12 to 24 months, but why? And what can you do to get ahead […]