Why is My Service Advisor’s CSI Inconsistent? 7 Keys to Transform It

Service Advisor's CSI Inconsistent

Inconsistent CSI is one of the most frustrating struggles in any service department. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, scores fluctuate again.  Today I’m breaking down the real reasons behind inconsistent CSI – and what you can do to finally fix it.  Trust me, this isn’t just another post blaming Advisors. The […]

How to Turn Your Car Dealership’s Detail Department into a Cash Machine

detail department

For many dealerships, the detail department is seen as a necessary cost of doing business. But with the right systems and strategy, your shop’s car care services could be generating significant profits.  In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through how to create a highly profitable detail department within your dealership.  Define the Types of Details […]

How Visualizing Success Can Take Your Service Department to the Next Level

Visualize success

As the leader of a dealership service department, you’re always looking for ways to motivate your team, boost morale, and help your staff visualize success. Luckily, there are proven techniques used by pro athletes that can easily transfer to the service bay.  In this episode of Service Drive Revolution, I interviewed former MLB player Zach […]

Irreplaceable Service Manager Live – The Inside Scoop on My Revived Lecture Series

Irreplaceable Service Manager

Here’s the inside scoop on how this new live series came to be and why it’s going to be more outrageous and game-changing than you can imagine.  The Origin Story   It all started with a feeling of nostalgia. Irreplaceable Service Manager just hit its 10-year anniversary, so I’ve been reflecting on the early days. This […]

Unlocking Overlooked Profits in Your Dealership Parts Department

Dealership service department

With tight margins across the industry, it’s crucial you uncover every profit opportunity within your parts and service departments. But there are hidden goldmines that many managers overlook.  In this episode, I’ll reveal some of the biggest missed chances to boost revenue. Implement even a few of these effectively and watch your bottom line grow. […]

Automotive Service Advisor Training Will Make or Break Your Shop

automotive service advisor training

Many automotive service departments today are struggling to adapt. As the industry evolves rapidly, outdated processes and lack of training leave teams unprepared.  High service manager turnover over 50% shows lack of support. Advisors drive profits yet rarely receive sales expertise. Morale and confidence plummet as shops rely on frozen-in-time systems.   Allowing these issues to […]

Cracking the Code: Key Performance Metrics for Automotive Service Departments

Key Performance Metrics

Running a world-class service department today takes more than just winging it and hoping for the best. Any successful GM knows they need cold hard metrics guiding their decisions. Real tangible Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that cut through opinions and egos to show what’s working and what’s not. Relying on gut feelings and back-of-a-napkin math […]

Fixed Operation Best Practices: Sales in Service Departments

fixed operation best practices

The direct-to-consumer era is here for the car industry. How will you leverage on your best salespeople’s skills to survive and thrive in the industry? What’s your take on the Ford 150 Lighting?  I love the concept – why wouldn’t I? The fact that they marketed how it can power your house instead of needing […]

Pros & Cons: Should Technicians Be Paid Customer Pay Time On Warranty Work?

Service advisor pay plan examples

Warranty work is something your customers are entitled to. But what about your technicians? How should you cover their labor for warranty work – customer pay time or flat rate increase? Ever heard of a bootcamp in a library? Well, now you do.  Recently, we held our first Bootcamp here in our office library. So […]


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