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Squeezing Every Last Drop of Profit from Your Mobile Service

mobile service profitability

Wondering how to maximize mobile service profitability? Coach Christian and I recently discussed mobile service best practices, and I realized many departments leave easy money on the table.  Most Dealers view mobile service as merely a cost center rather than a strategic profit possibility. With the right systems, mindsets, and execution, mobile presents immense revenue […]

Why Leadership Training Fails to Inspire True Followership

leadership training for maximum followership

Let’s have an honest chat about leadership training. I’ve been to hundreds of seminars and workshops over my career. Read endless books detailing the qualities and behaviors that supposedly make great leaders. But in my experience, most miss the core point. They mistake management training for leadership training. Most so-called leadership training focuses on external […]

9 Critical Mistakes Service Advisors Make and How to Fix Them

service advisor mistakes

A few common oversights turn even the sharpest Advisors into profit leaks. I’ve seen behind the curtain…I know exactly why about 50% of customers now bounce from Dealership service bays, never to return. But here’s the good news – these faults are totally fixable. Let’s walk through the 9 common mistakes Service Advisors make that […]

3 Counterintuitive Secrets to Skilled Technician Retention

technician retention strategies

The Technician shortage is looming. Baby boomers keep retiring while fewer young prospects enter the talent pipeline. So, how do you keep the all-stars you already have? Most shops play defense by cutting costs instead of investing in culture. But saving a few bucks won’t compete with the coming crisis. You need people to feel […]

What Your Shop Secretly Reveals About You as a Leader: Service Department Red Flags

service department red flags

Ever feel like your own Service Department works against you despite your best efforts? Like some invisible hand dealt out sluggish Technicians, impatient customers, and dismal CSI scores no matter what you try?  I get it. Running a thriving shop in the black feels next to impossible some weeks. But I promise, it doesn’t have […]

Exposing the 5 Profit-Sucking Causes of Unapplied Labor

unapplied labor

When was the last time you peeked behind the curtain of your Service Department’s unapplied labor? If the answer is never, I’ve got some potentially ugly truths you need to confront. Hidden profit killers are likely lurking unseen right under your nose.  But don’t worry – today, I’ll shed some light on what’s really hiding […]

2024 Auto Industry Outlook: Consolidation, and Bailouts

2024 auto industry outlook

It’s a new year and a clean slate as the calendar turns to 2024.  Rather than set resolutions, I wanted to peer into my crystal ball and play fortune teller, forecasting some of the key trends, developments, and, yes, even baseball outcomes that could unfold across automotive in the coming year.  We covered plenty of […]

5 Mistakes That Sink Newbie Service Managers 

new service manager leadership pitfalls

So you just got promoted to Service Manager, congrats!  You’re feeling pumped to make your mark on the shop and take things to the next level… until stuff starts going haywire. Angry calls pile up as Techs shrug off solutions. Falling CSI scores, but expectations stay sky-high. That shiny title now feels more anchor than […]


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