Best Recruiting Practices To Hire The Right People

We got an exciting show for you today. Often we get asked about the best recruiting practices to hire the right people and it looks like this,  How do you hire such great coaches?  What do I look out for when hiring a service manager?  Why is it important to find the right Service Advisors […]

Automotive Industry Analysis: Everything Must Go!

Hello, fellow gearheads, service managers, general managers and more! Welcome to this week’s episode of Service Drive Revolution. Today we will be going over my automotive industry analysis!  On today’s episode, we read and discuss an article by the Wall Street Journal, you’re going to see me get a little fired up about NADA, and […]

Tire Season is Here: Automotive Industry Trends

Today, we are going to talk about tire season! It’s important that we get ahead of this and talk about it. We also are going to read a letter from a concerned citizen in parts, which is funny in and of itself. Lastly, we’re going to start off by saying, if you do not have […]

Not Your Typical Automotive Trade Show: Top Dog 2021

Are you going to the automotive trade show everyone is talking about? It’s Top Dog and we’re not your average convention.  Today we are going to talk to a very interesting philosopher? This philosopher on LinkedIn has an interesting approach to how to motivate and retain the younger generation. I think everybody’s going to learn […]

The Business of Influence with Chase Hughes

Hello, and welcome to today’s episode! I am so excited about today, because not only do you guys get to hear 2 of Christian’s amazing jokes, we have the incredible Chase Hughes on the show. “What?! The master of behavioral intelligence and human behavior!? You don’t say!” I do say. And yes, it’s a pretty […]

DigniFi: Financing Cars with LeeAnn Radonski

We have LeeAnn Radonski here today with us and we will talk about DigniFi and how they are transforming the way we purchase thing.  Welcome everybody to Service Drive Revolution, we hope you’re having a great week! Chris Collins here and I have is Christian Lafferty who is back from a long road trip with […]

How the Global Chip Shortage Is Affecting the Auto Industry

Are you currently being impacted by the Global Chip Shortage?   We have an exciting show for you today. We have two guests and we are going to talk about what’s going on in the industry, starting with the computer chip shortage, including electronics.    It’s affecting everything from manufacturers closing down plants to us […]

How long should a used car reconditioning take?

Today on the show we talked about how long it takes people to perform used car reconditioning.   Again, I’m Chris Collins. This is Christian Lafferty and that’s what’s coming up on Service Drive Revolution.   It’s very clear that all of these rental car companies are going through bankruptcy because they’re a disaster. They […]

Raise Your Labor Rates, Get Less Declines

Are you raising your labor rates correctly to ensure maximum profits?    Today on the show, we talk about how you can raise your labor rates and actually reduce your declines.    Mia explains to us what service advisors really mean when they say certain things to their customers.     Mia Griggs will help us […]

The Traits Leading Service Managers Share

Ever wondered why it is that some service advisors hit (and exceed) their goals, just crush the competition, while others can’t seem to get there? The automotive industry can be a tough game, but just like in any other…