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The Business of Influence with Chase Hughes

Hello, and welcome to today’s episode! I am so excited about today, because not only do you guys get to hear 2 of Christian’s amazing jokes, we have the incredible Chase Hughes on the show.

“What?! The master of behavioral intelligence and human behavior!? You don’t say!”

I do say. And yes, it’s a pretty exciting day for us folks here at Chris Collins, Inc. Before we continue, let me see if I can channel my inner Christian and try to do his first joke (well, technically his second joke) justice.

“Have you heard of herd mentality? 

Apparently it’s effective on 10/10 people.”

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How’d I do? I can’t tell if you are laughing or not but I guess I will just trust that you are.  I am so glad that Christian is back on the show, because people are starting to think that he and Mia are the same person, the poor girl. What sad shoes for her to fill… I am also not sure if Christian would look good with orange hair; that’s definitely Mia’s thing.

I kid, I kid. We love Christian, and we definitely missed him! He has been traveling a bunch lately; I almost wonder if he is one of those fancy people that gets priority when boarding his flights. He’s gotta be close to that Diamond level with Delta, by now. Luckily, Christian is back for at least a couple of months and maybe we can convince him to stick around a little longer than that! While he is still home, I am going to try and get him to perform some stand up at a local comedy center because he’s been using our weekly meetings as practice and his sense of humor may not always be…HR appropriate. It’s entertaining, but not safe-for-work. Let’s just say…you had to be there.

As I mentioned earlier, Chase Hughes, master of behavioral intelligence and human behavior (and one of my FAVORITE guests that will be at Top Dog in October), is gracious enough to stop by and have a meaningful conversation surrounding the business of influence and how we can implement it in our daily lives on the service drive, sales floor and more. I am such a big fan of Chase, that I purchased 70 copies of his book, “The Ellipsis Manual” on Amazon.

Chase Hughes definitely got a kick out of that. The main reason we are so excited about having him on the show and at Top Dog, is because he brings a real-world approach to human interaction and behavior and makes it easy to implement. He genuinely cares about making people better and it definitely shows.

Furthermore, Chase Hughes dives into the conversation by telling us a story about an embarrassing interaction with a pretty girl when he was active duty in the military. Apparently, this master of charisma and charm just walked up to this girl and asked her out, and she deadpan looked him in his eye and just said,


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Yea, I didn’t believe it at first, either. Apparently Chase hasn’t always been charismatic and charming and he actually had to go home and Google “how to tell when girls like you”. It’s crazy to me that one of the world’s most renowned intelligence trainers who is also a best-selling author and military veteran, started his career after he failed to impress a woman. Weirder things have happened, I guess.

Chase continues his story by explaining that this traumatic event inspired him to start researching body language. He realized that not only did he have a degree of social anxiety, he realized that everyone is insecure. Once he discovered this, his social anxiety pretty much disappeared and he started teaching himself how to see through the masks of those around us. He became addicted to figuring out how to see behind the proverbial “curtain” that we as humans put up to protect ourselves.

Chase then explains how even after all of the studying he was doing, he was hitting a wall. Then, he realized that all of those basic body language training books are outdated. Human behavior is much more than our still image, so Chase came up with a new system that delves into how outward body language matches our internal emotions and that the main thing we need to be focusing on is change detection.

Additionally, Chase Hughes explains that change detection is about paying attention to the movements someone makes in between changes in body language. Those unspoken words can say so much that we would normally miss. Do you see someone standing outside in the cold with their arms crossed? Or is your customer sitting there agreeing with everything you say, only to notice that they have a tight-lipped smile plastered on their face? This is what change detection is all about. Those are sales objections without even realizing it! I feel like Chase’s books are really a road map to figuring out how body language works and how it correlates to human behavior and Christian adds that it’s a heightened sense of awareness. 

You know what else has a heightened sense of awareness? Tall buildings. And Christian definitely has…an apartment complex.

Bad-dum *tss*

See what I mean about Christian needing to do stand- up? That joke was also his. You’re welcome. 

Anyways, the conversation continues and I badger Chase into training me on how to handle guns and to turn me into a gun-slinger at the Top Dog event, to which he surprisingly obliges. Watch out, world. The next John Wick is about to be unleashed! I wouldn’t want to be trained by anyone who HASN’T gotten a note-card stapled to their forehead during basic training with the word “IDIOT” written on it. Yes, that happened to Chase and you’ll have to listen to the podcast episode or watch the YouTube video to hear the whole story. It’s riveting.

We wrap up the topic by talking about how charisma is the most overlooked tool in a salesperson’s tool box. Chase Hughes points out that despite popular belief, charisma CAN be trained and that if you don’t utilize it, the king of charisma Bill Clinton, might steal your next sale. 

I then ask Chase what his thoughts are on the new Mercedes-Benz vehicles that will be able to READ OUR MINDS?! It seems like such a crazy concept, but Chase does what Chase does and he takes science-fiction and turns it into reality by teaching us the science behind this technology. Let’s just hope for Mercedes-Benz’ sake and the sake of all humanity, that these cars are a little smarter than we are because according to Chase, people discover that they have epilepsy every day. 

Now THAT would be scary.

If you take anything away from today’s episode, let it be this. Chase Hughes and I have a new sales training program in the works and when I say it’s a cheat code to being the best sales person you can be, I mean it. Go into all of your interactions from now on with the intention of the desired outcome, instead of crossing your fingers and hoping that it will turn out the way you want. Give yourself the permission to be there, because you deserve the best outcome. You deserve to make that sale. You have a role to play. 

Thanks for tuning in and we will see you next time!

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Hello, and welcome to today’s episode! I am so excited about today, because not only do you guys get to hear 2 of Christian’s amazing jokes, we have the incredible Chase Hughes on the show. “What?! The master of behavioral intelligence and human behavior!? You don’t say!”

Join our OnDemand program, HERE, and I’ll see you next time on Service Drive Revolution!

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