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Gamification with Mario Pernillo


Wouldn’t work be amazing if everyone did their job? Seriously, how many times have you asked your employees to do something only to turn around and realize they didn’t do it, or did it half-assed? That makes me extremely unhappy, and I’m pretty sure you feel the same.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are lots of great employees—the kind who work hard, take pride in their performance, and act like a committed member of your team. And, we appreciate them. But, even those special types struggle if they’re not in the right environment. So whether we’re talking about service advisors, service managers or service technicians, how do you get people to willingly do their best all the time?

The answer is Gamification, and it’s exactly what it sounds like—using game playing to increase employee productivity and drive results. We’ve been doing this in the car industry for years—using games to motivate our teams. In the 400+ dealerships I’ve turned around, Gamification is still the best way I’ve found to drive momentum and results and get better work out of your workers. We are a competitive species. And the proof is the gaming industry. As of today, it’s worth $200 billion.

The point is if you’re not playing games with your employees, then they’ll just be playing games on their phones, instead of working. And, we all know how frustrating that is. So let’s get into the best ways to use Gamification. First, keep in mind the key to Gamification is anything can be a game. Don’t over-complicate this, or get caught up in too many rules. Get a deck of cards, or some dice—certainly keep things simple to get started. At Chris Collins Inc. we play games every day. Some of our favorite in-office games are dollar poker, baseball, bozo buckets, or anything that involves shooting things.

You can gamify your MVP’s— your most valuable products—you can gamify systems, sales, information gathering, call times—you can gamify almost anything, any system, any customer-facing interaction.

If you aren’t already a Gamification pro, you can get the specifics on how to set up games from this week’s Service Drive Revolution show. And, you can always get my book, Gamificationif you struggle with coming up with ideas. There are hundreds in there and they have instructions. Our guest host on the show this week, Mario Pernillo, talks about choosing games that have the right vibe for your tribe, and how you should pick a game that you think might work well for your group, and the issues they’re struggling with.

As the leader, boss, or manager it’s your job to get Gamification started, and create that energy. Make it exciting and show the guys you have prizes to give them. If you take the time to implement fun games, with rewards, the results will speak for themselves. Your employees will be more upbeat and more productive. We know – from experience.

Bringing Sexy Back by Chris Collins


This week we’re talking about how to make profit and CSI sexy. Get your mind out of the gutter because it’s not what you think…

One of the things that drives me the craziest is when people are having trouble with their service drive and they tell me they need more traffic, or some fancy gadget to solve their problems with profits or CSI. That is absolutely not the solution and here’s why. What we talk about the most is great execution and how to create momentum, and it seems like people are missing the basics.

Everybody wants their system to be exciting. OK, I get it, but they forget simple things like, answering the phone and greeting customers. People get busy searching for the new software that will save the day, but that won’t fix your business if you don’t have a solid foundation. You must be able to block and tackle first. Finding that next cool thing is meaningless until you do the basics brilliantly. After you’ve mastered the basics, then you can work on expanding and using technology to move yourself forward.

Subtle can be sexy. The basics can be sexy.

When we go into a business we audit the repair orders. Time and again we find that there’s no viable system in place. So while they tell us they need more traffic, what we know to be true is that more traffic will only bring about more of the same problems.

Let’s try something… Can you answer these questions? What happens when the customers drive up to the curb of your service drive? Do they sit there waiting? Does the service advisor come out and greet them at the car? Do customers know where to go? Often we overlook these things and want a magic pill to fix the business when what we really need is a flawless system up front. Here are the fundamentals for a strong front end:

  1.  Answer the phones and make appointments.
  2.  Have a great attitude.
  3.  Greet the customer.
  4.  Check their history.
  5.  Inspect the car while getting their history.
  6.  Offer all this in a way that the customer is comfortable and doesn’t feel pressure.


It’s crucial to excel up front so that it’s a nice experience, and your customers feel like you care about them. If you can help your customers avoid surprises, and not push sales down their throat you will become a customer collector. And, isn’t that the point?

You just create a great process. The trick is believing you can do it, and then practicing it over and over until it becomes second nature. And it will. We need to pursue excellence every day, and there are a lot of things to think about. Even when things are moving along you should always be looking ahead and thinking, what can we fix next?

The mother of retention is repetition. If you want to move the ball in a certain direction, get your CSI up and increase customer pay sales. Then get your team together (the service managers, service advisors and service technicians) and start training them! Figure out what you want it to look like, and what it’s going to take to get there. Then train, train, train, and train some more. A great training program where you do it step by step will work. The key to all of it is the basics, so stop thinking you need more traffic until your averages are really high. Traffic isn’t the hard part, and we can help you get traffic.

To recap, execution is most important and more traffic will only make things much worse if you’re not doing things right. You’ll lose your customer’s trust because they don’t feel cared for, or they’re waiting forever, or they don’t get called back. And, it’s your fault because your advisors are writing 20 customers.

No tablet or robot is going to fix this. So to all the service managers and service advisors: slow it down, get out of your office, and watch the customer experience. Break it down step by step. Fix one step, and then fix the next step, and the results will blow you away.

Chris Collins


After one of the more memorable NADA Conventions comes to an end, let me briefly recap for those unlucky souls who couldn’t attend this year. We held multiple Dealership Gamification workshops focused on engaging employees to increase morale and productivity.

“Dealership Gamification is a hack that will enable you to quickly become the leader you need to be to move mountains. But this isn’t magic, or any kind of trick. This is a system founded on common sense, and a product of the fundamental human desire for happiness and challenges in life. It already exists all around us.”- Gamification: Playing for Profits

Studies show that 70% of millennials say they would rather be happy at work than earn a lot of money. Adjusting to this new standard using Dealership Gamification motivate teams to perform at their best. Hundreds of dealers from across the nation are now empowered with tools and games to implement in their dealership to motivate their people and see results immediately.

A special thanks to everyone in attendance, see you next NADA. For more training tools, check out our virtual training courses!

Chris Collins at Las Vegas


We’re midway through NADA Las Vegas and I’m losing my voice now. I just completed my third Gamification workshop on how to convert in the service drive. NADA is trying out a new interactive workshop style. No stages or rows of chairs to make the experience more interactive and fun! One important key in my technician training I push is to keep it relevant and knowledgeable. Not some of the idealized version you hear being pushed.

My strategies have been implemented at multiple dealerships and are proven to show results. We recently added a new tech training portion in our Online Program (Collins On Demand) headed by one of the greatest technicians I have had the privilege to know, Gary Daniel. Check out his daily updates and watch it with the sound off for even more entertainment!

In the course, techs learn about the advisors goals and process in the front so they fully understand how important their job is to the dealership overall goal. We then focus on the best practices for technicians, how to properly inspect a car, and time management tools. Learn for yourself and check out our Online Technician Training courses for you dealership today!

Chris Collins at NADA Convention & Expo


“What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay here” – the unofficial slogan of NADA 2016. It’s Day 3 of NADA and I just completed another successful Gamification workshop. By now word has gotten around how awesome the workshop is and unfortunately we had to turn people away because it was PACKED. It was fun seeing full grown men turn into little boys. They were having so much fun which only showcases how powerful Gamification really is. It’s the secret weapon for boosting company morale, increasing CSI, and increasing sales (particularly when combined with Instant Inspection) all while having a blast.

One thing I always recommend Service Managers do is start implementing Instant Inspections on the service drive. Think of how inefficient the standard service department operates. They write the customer up, dispatch the work, and then the tech is pulling the car and out all day. Instead I propose putting lifts right on the Service Drive. Most of the time customers have never even seen the underside of their car. It’s a game changer being able to instantly inspect the car while clearly communicate the issues with the customer. In every instance of implementation CSI is increased and sales are at least doubled.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to discuss this Instant Inspection with Jim Dirksen, Rotary Lift Vice President of Sales and Marketing. There are multiple Rotary Lifts to choose from but one of their more impressive lifts that goes up and down in 40 seconds flat, will run your dealership an average investment of $6,000/month. The minimum increase after implementing Instant Inspections is $100,000 including parts. So that’s $72,000/year investment for at least a $1,000,000/year in sales EASY. It’s easy money, guys. Drop by NADA and see for yourself! Get there early, Gamification is a hot ticket item. If you’re not in the area, check out our Virtual Training Courses and bring the magic to your dealership today!

Coffee with Chris Collins


Instant coffee was invented in 1890 in New Zealand by a fellow named David Strang. But I give Starbucks the all the credit.

Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee is simply instant coffee. Sure it is really good and I can’t tell whether I am drinking brewed coffee or instant when I take a sip… But that is not why I am so impressed.

I am impressed with the way Starbucks launched this new product into the market, and how they did it so well.

Every morning, like millions of other folks worldwide, I look forward to stopping into my local neighborhood Starbucks for a cup of my favorite black coffee. The first time I laid eyes on VIA, it was placed at the checkout counter, but I didn’t think much more of it more than a curious, what’s that?

As I went to pay for my coffee, the barista asked me if I wanted to purchase a box of VIA. The barista’s smile was contagious and infectious. I couldn’t help returning the smile as she explained that VIA wasn’t like the usual instant coffee. This did not trigger me to purchase a box that day but I was intrigued.

Over the next few weeks, every morning it was the same routine. The barista, whichever one was taking my order that day, would ask me if I was interested in a box of VIA Instant Coffee. Each one of the baristas seemed genuinely excited about VIA and they obviously cared whether I bought it. They never missed an opportunity to ask.

One day I was on my way to meet a client and I stopped at Starbucks to get coffee for us. This time, I stopped at one of the other 21,000 Starbucks locations that was not my usual stomping grounds… Without missing a beat, the barista smiled and asked if I wanted a box of guess what? VIA Instant Coffee.

As I was waiting for our coffees, I noticed a dry erase board in the back room. You know this intrigued me, so I peeked around the corner and I was shocked when I read what was written. It said something to the effect of:

“Top Store In The Market For VIA Sales This Month Wins A Night Out To A Restaurant Of Its Choosing”

It was such a simple incentive, but it was working! I thought this was genius. Since VIA had launched in the stores I had yet to buy a single cup of coffee without being asked to purchase Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee.

They gamified it!

Starbucks had sold me. I bought VIA several times. Not just through its ad campaign and by putting VIA in front of me, but by overriding my preconceptions about instant coffee through the positive energy of the employees selling it to me, energy instilled in them through Gamification, with nothing more at stake than a night out to dinner.

Just in case you are not familiar with the term Gamification… Gamification is using game thinking or strategy in a non-game, real world settings to problem solve or increase user contributions.

If you know how to look for them, you’ll find games in all kinds of businesses. Think of that time you went to dinner and the server offered you a really fancy specific cocktail. Without a doubt they were playing a game behind the scenes. Most likely, the company offered a spiff (incentive) for the server who sold the most specific fancy cocktails that night, and I’d bet the the Top Dog each month also won a gift card, cash or a chance to walk out of work without doing any clean up or side work.

If you own a business, supervise a team, manage a restaurant, or if you are a sales manager Gamification will enable you to quickly become the leader you need to be to move mountains. Companies all over the world use Gamification to incentivize their employees, increase profits, and overall just make work more fun!

I want to help you get started with Gamification. I happen to have written a book on the subject and I have personally created dozens of games that I teach companies to play with their employees all over the world.

Want one of the games? One of my favorite games to really get my team going is Root Beer Pong. Sounds fun huh? That’s because it is, it’s a blast!

Here, you can have it.

On one condition though… Play it with your team!

I can’t wait to hear how much fun you had and how your team was fired up to get out and sell, perform and execute.

You can download the game here for free.

Get my Root Beer Pong Game Free Now

-Chris Collins

Business with Chris Collins


You know sales isn’t always the easiest job in the world. And you know getting your team motivated can be even harder because let’s face it… sometimes people get lazy and don’t perform nearly as well as they could.

What if you could increase your sales big time by playing games with your team? Could it really be that easy? You bet it is because my clients and I have been using the gamification technique for nearly 20 years with incredible results.

“The Secret Weapon…”

If you haven’t heard of it, gamification is my secret weapon I use to motivate my teams and sell like crazy. Time and time again, every team I’ve ever worked with, or clients who want more sales, gamification is the secret sauce to getting massive results and increased sales.

Here’s how it works…

Simply put, gamification incorporates fun games and rewards into your sales process. It utilizes deep psychological triggers that your sales staff will find irresistible. It almost forces them to work harder and sell more because they love it so much… In fact, they look forward to it!

You see, when you start engaging your sales staff with games, they start bringing their A game to work. And of course this makes you not only look good, it also increases your bottom line exponentially. In fact 30% increases in sales are more common than not.

“Have Fun, Make Sales…”

Plus, a side effect that happens is you start creating a company culture that your staff feels proud to be a part of and they actually look forward to going to work instead of dreaded it. They have fun and make money, and as a result YOU have more fun and make more money. It’s a win win situation for everyone.

One of my favorite games is blackjack. I’ve used it with my own staff and shown thousands of others how to use it with theirs. It’s also a favorite among the sales staff so that’s why I use it so often. Not to mention how easy it is and all you need is a deck of cards and some cash. The only difference here is the house never wins… your staff wins and that’s what motivates them to start hustling and make sales!

“Here’s How…”

Now, there is a specific method to using blackjack or any other game you choose to properly motivate your team. And the good news is I’d like to send you everything you need to set up your first blackjack game for free!

Just enter your name and email below and within 5 short minutes you can set up your first game and watch the sales start pouring in…

-Chris “The Bulldog” Collins

Business Deal


Welcome to Chris Collins, Inc.!  I’m Chris, “The Bulldog,” and I specialize in finding ways to motivate a sales team like nothing you’ve ever seen.  Of course, I employ comprehensive and in-depth analysis of my clients’ businesses; we dig deep to learn exactly what sales team behaviors are the true drivers of profits and performance. We also work with our clients to make the entire process smooth, from design to training to implementation, and ultimately to the total transformation of their businesses.  But, my secret weapon is a relatively new technique called gamification.  Well … it’s new to business, anyway.


For millennia, humans have been designing games to be fun, hard to put down, motivational and morale-boosting.  The tricks and tools that make games so engaging have been centuries in the making, but today in the digital age, game theory has grown from an art to a science.  That’s why the simplest little cell phone games, based on mechanics that should be mind-numbingly repetitive and boring (like lining up little colored blocks, three in a row, again and again and again) can be not only powerfully motivating … they can literally be addictive.  The techniques they employ are simple, but very carefully chosen and balanced to turn nearly any process or procedure into a fun, energizing, engaging experience.

Gamification is the application of those same core design principles to the business world.  It started out as a sales training tool, but it’s become one of the best ways to motivate a sales team in the daily operation of any business with a product or service to sell, and people to sell it.


Gamification is built around six core principles; the building blocks of motivation and engagement, if you will.  In my website, you can learn a lot more about all of them, and of course, my team and I are Top Dog experts at each and every one of them.  They are:

  • Goals: Every motivational methodology starts with goals.  As always, they must be carefully chosen with research and thought.
  • Milestones: This is where gamification starts to differentiate itself.  It’s hard to stay focused on goals.  Milestones, however, give sales people a roadmap to success, with smaller steps they can wrap their minds around.
  • Visual Feedback: Games almost always include this, whether it’s a simple scoreboard, or the track around a board game.  It lets people see at a glance how they’re doing, and what they need to improve.
  • Difficulty Curve: A smooth difficulty curve ensures that your less advanced sales associates won’t get intimidated and discouraged, while at the same time, keeping top performers engaged and challenged.
  • Social Interaction: This builds morale and engagement, through competition, collaboration, or a mixture of both.  Think of how much more powerfully addictive multiplayer games are than solo games.
  • Rewards: In games, winning and the bragging rights to go with it, are their own rewards.  But, you have much more powerful tools at your disposal, including cash.  Cash is king, but it shouldn’t be taken for granted.


I firmly believe gamification is the best way to motivate a sales team, but it has to be done correctly, with deep analysis of the business.  While you could give it a try on your own, my Bulldog sales training team is here to help!  Together, we can turn your sales team into Top Dogs, and propel your business to a level of success you’ve barely even dreamed was possible!

Coffee Desk Notes


When you think of training your sales team, do you picture a conference room with a bunch of sales reps sitting around a projector half-asleep? It doesn’t have to be that way! Here at Chris Collins Inc., we specialize in making sales training fun and profitable, through a technique called gamification. First, let me assure you that you’re in the right place, and thank you for visiting my site. My techniques, which helped me grow my own dealership by over 300% in just three years, can and will transform your business.


Simply put, gamification is a way to turn the ordinary grind of day to day business into something fun, exciting and motivating for your employees, and as a result, for your customers. It uses the same kinds of motivational techniques that can make video games so addictive and exciting, even though their content may not be all that interesting. For example, a simple game I might use to sell a high-profit-margin item in a hardware store like a snow-blower, would be to create two teams among my sales staff. Each person to sell a certain model of snow-blower would receive $50 cash on the spot, and then another $50 would be put into a “pot,” which the winning team would then get to split any way they want at the end of the week.

No matter what your particular business, if you have a product or service to sell, training your sales team with gamification can enhance morale, motivation, productivity, and profitability in ways you can’t even imagine until you see it in action. I, myself, have used it, not only in car dealerships, but in a flower shop I used to own. I also frequently use examples of a dentist’s office, and a coffee shop, so this doesn’t only need to apply to businesses selling expensive, high-end products or services.


I have proven results, both in my own businesses and in my clients’ endeavors. My clients are up more than $3.2 Million in year-over-year sales. I’ve helped more than 25 car dealerships transform their service departments, and my methods worked flawlessly in 25/25 of those cases. In my own businesses, I set the record for the largest year-over-year turnaround; a turnaround of $1.5 Million. I took my dealership, Crevier BMW, from the 123rd largest dealership in the Western hemisphere, to the 8th in less than three years, as well as becoming the top-selling BMW dealership, and the first BMW dealership ever to sell more than 3,000 new cars in one year. And, I did it all using these same proven techniques.

I can, and will, give your business the tools to succeed beyond your wildest dreams, so come on in, explore my site, and then let me know when I can help you make training your sales team fun and profitable, and transform your business too!

Thumbs Up


When it comes to motivating a sales team, not just to sell, but to sell the right items to maximize their company’s profits – not to mention just to come to work on time every day, and not move on and add to expensive turnover – there is no tool more powerful than gamification. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why.


Just like my beloved, award-winning bulldogs, humans are stubborn. If you scold and yell and bark at a bulldog, it’s as likely to lift its leg and pee on your couch as it is to do what you want. They’re notorious for digging in their heels that way! Salespeople are no different really, and if all you do is yell and grumble and tell them what they’re doing wrong, the best you can hope for is a behavior known as satisficing. Satisficing is doing just enough not to get yelled at or fired, and no more. Many employees, including the 87% worldwide who are not engaged, or are actively disengaged at work, will take a sort of perverse glee as they consciously or unconsciously do the least they can without getting into trouble, then slack off the rest of the time.

If you want a bulldog to do something, you have to give it a treat. You’d be amazed how well that works with people, too, only instead of a bit of food, what motivates your employees the best, in my experience, is cash. Whether it’s a pot of $1000 for a weekly game at a car dealership or other big-ticket retailer, that can give someone a weekend away, or a shift-based game at a coffee shop, with a winner getting $10 for lunch money that they didn’t have that morning, cash is king, and nothing motivates people more quickly, or more thoroughly.


This sounds so obvious it’s silly but trust me, it’s not: people get bored. Bored people don’t perform well. That’s why you’ll often see a new employee ramp up to their peak performance shortly after the end of their training, but then they gradually taper off to a lower level in the long-run, even though they have more experience. Even with commission and spiffs, sooner or later, your sales staff is going to get bored, and their motivation, energy level, and morale – and ultimately your bottom line – is going to suffer.

Gamification stops that cycle of boredom before it can even start! By playing games at work, you can keep it fresh for your team day after day, month after month, and year after year. The more social, energetic, and goofier the game, the better!


After implementing my Playing for Profits system, founded on the principles of gamification, my clients consistently report not only vastly increased profits and sales, but also a dramatic reduction in call-offs, tardiness, disciplinary issues, and turnover, as well as absolutely enormous increases in customer satisfaction, word-of-mouth referrals, and customer retention and repeat business! Click below to learn more, and find out how, within 90 days, your business could be working like a well-oiled machine, earning profits you’ve never even dreamed of, and giving you time to work on developing it instead of just barely treading water!

Click here to discover how to start playing for profits.