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You know sales isn’t always the easiest job in the world. And you know getting your team motivated can be even harder because let’s face it… sometimes people get lazy and don’t perform nearly as well as they could.

What if you could increase your sales big time by playing games with your team? Could it really be that easy? You bet it is because my clients and I have been using the gamification technique for nearly 20 years with incredible results.

“The Secret Weapon…”

If you haven’t heard of it, gamification is my secret weapon I use to motivate my teams and sell like crazy. Time and time again, every team I’ve ever worked with, or clients who want more sales, gamification is the secret sauce to getting massive results and increased sales.

Here’s how it works…

Simply put, gamification incorporates fun games and rewards into your sales process. It utilizes deep psychological triggers that your sales staff will find irresistible. It almost forces them to work harder and sell more because they love it so much… In fact, they look forward to it!

You see, when you start engaging your sales staff with games, they start bringing their A game to work. And of course this makes you not only look good, it also increases your bottom line exponentially. In fact 30% increases in sales are more common than not.

“Have Fun, Make Sales…”

Plus, a side effect that happens is you start creating a company culture that your staff feels proud to be a part of and they actually look forward to going to work instead of dreaded it. They have fun and make money, and as a result YOU have more fun and make more money. It’s a win win situation for everyone.

One of my favorite games is blackjack. I’ve used it with my own staff and shown thousands of others how to use it with theirs. It’s also a favorite among the sales staff so that’s why I use it so often. Not to mention how easy it is and all you need is a deck of cards and some cash. The only difference here is the house never wins… your staff wins and that’s what motivates them to start hustling and make sales!

“Here’s How…”

Now, there is a specific method to using blackjack or any other game you choose to properly motivate your team. And the good news is I’d like to send you everything you need to set up your first blackjack game for free!

Just enter your name and email below and within 5 short minutes you can set up your first game and watch the sales start pouring in…

-Chris “The Bulldog” Collins

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