#42 – The Top FIVE Ways To Train Your Team

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The top 5 ways to train your team. These insightful tips will give you some new directions in which you can make training more effective.

The show kicks off with Gary tasting his bourbon of the month. Gary loves it, Chris tries the smallest sip and doesn’t seem too impressed, even our in-house producer Lucas gets involved. This leads to a discussion about the Beard competition Jair and Mario ran on the social media platforms, and how kindly Homer Cut’s, a good friend of Chris’, donates his beard oil for the competition. Chris highlights the passion, the care and the attention to detail that Homer puts into his craft, and how that is something missing in the world… a true love and passion for what it is you do. See the link below to get involved in Homer’s amazing products.

In this content-rich show, Chris and Gary break down THE TOP FIVE WAYS to have effective training in your company. They reveal the tips and insight into how training is integral to growth and performance, not just for those who are struggling but for those who are in a good position – it doesn’t matter what level you’re at, training is crucial.

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