How to motivate your service technicians

02 Mar Inspiration Is Not Optional: Motivate Your Service Technicians!

[youtube][/youtube] Business problems are easy, people problems are hard. I didn’t invent that phrase. It’s been said many times by many people, and it holds true for every business. Don’t pretend this doesn’t apply to you and your drive. I’ve said it before and I will...

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Learn advanced sales techniques for your service drive

24 Feb Skyrocket Your Sales With These Advanced Sales Techniques

[youtube][/youtube] I recently found out that we added a new service—we can marry you. That’s right, our very own coach, Jair Martinez has been ordained in the state of CA! (I’m not sure what that says about California.) So, not only do we have the best...

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Business performance on the service drive

16 Feb First 100 Days in Office, The $50,000 Tournament and Other Tips for Ensuring Success in 2017!

[youtube][/youtube] Can You Beat Trump’s First 100 Days? Momentum matters and we’ve been talking about how to get into the year with the most momentum possible. First, you must be smart about your business and guarantee success from the very start of the year. How do you...

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new marketing tools, marketing, sales

09 Feb The New Era of Marketing

[youtube][/youtube] This week was the show of a thousand thoughts… I think everyone forgot to take their Adderall. Of course, we got an update on Gary’s cholesterol because that’s becoming a hot topic here at Service Drive Revolution. Wherever we go people ask more about Gary’s...

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22 Jan Customer CAN’T Always Be Right

The Pressure Cooker Customer Service can be a daunting task. Everyone has different personalities, different wants, different needs. With that in mind, the first thing you need to focus on is that initial greeting. First impressions are key. Chances are, they already have an impression of...

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22 Jan Easy Customer Service Solutions

Easy Customer Service Solutions Easy procedures and language tricks that will improve your customer service NOW! In Pet The Dog: Simple Customer Service Solutions For You we’ve compiled the best tips we’ve spent years learning and testing in order to provide you with these user-friendly, real-world examples...

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