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Automotive Service Advisor Training Will Make or Break Your Shop

Many automotive service departments today are struggling to adapt. As the industry evolves rapidly, outdated processes and lack of training leave teams unprepared. 

High service manager turnover over 50% shows lack of support. Advisors drive profits yet rarely receive sales expertise. Morale and confidence plummet as shops rely on frozen-in-time systems.  

Allowing these issues to continue will cripple service departments. The time for change is now.

Service Teams Need Updated Training to Thrive 

With shifting consumer preferences and new technologies, service advisors require fresh formal sales skills training to succeed.

Managers need expanded leadership development as they steer shops into the future. And new streamlined processes must replace outdated systems.

attracting new customers

The costs of inaction are clear – staff will become even less effective as frustration mounts. Profitability will decline as other departments surpass service.

Dealerships Must Take Action to Transform Service

Progressive dealerships and general managers must lead the charge in the necessary evolution of service departments.

This begins with investing in service advisor training and implementing updated methods and metrics. Partnering with experts can fast-track these operational transformations.

At Chris Collins Inc, we are driven to help service departments modernize to reach their full potential. Our coaching system provides the blueprint for adapting to industry changes.

Take Action to Future-Proof Your Service Department

Don’t wait for this major industry shift to catch you off guard. Now is the time to get your parts and  service department in shape. 

Begin by investing in your team and their growth. My book Irreplaceable Service Manager is the playbook to streamline processes, boost morale, and drive profits.

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