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Irreplaceable Service Manager Live – The Inside Scoop on My Revived Lecture Series

Here’s the inside scoop on how this new live series came to be and why it’s going to be more outrageous and game-changing than you can imagine. 

The Origin Story  

It all started with a feeling of nostalgia. Irreplaceable Service Manager just hit its 10-year anniversary, so I’ve been reflecting on the early days. This was the book that started it all – and I realized there were so many stories still untold. 

As I pictured myself in a chair, stogie in hand, sharing tales too hot for the pages – IRSM Live was born, and set to launch this very week!

What’s On The Agenda? 

My goal is to go chapter-by-chapter through the book, expanding on lessons with never-before-heard stories and hard-won wisdom. You’ll hear crazy misadventures from my consulting days, dealership scandals, and outrageous industry tales. 

It won’t just be me chatting though. I’m bringing in guests like the notorious Mr. X to join in the insanity. 

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Why Irreplaceable Service Manager Live Beats an Audiobook

Audiobooks put me to sleep faster than a bored history teacher. There’s a reason the only ones worth listening to go off-script. 

IRSM Live will be totally unfiltered. No lawyers or editors keeping me quiet. I’ll be opening up the hidden story vault and dropping truth bombs left and right.

This is your chance to hear stories deemed too hot for print and get the full picture of what it takes to thrive as a Service Manager. 

A Passion Project Built For the Community 

Irreplaceable Service Manager Live is a passion project, born out of my desire to fully serve the Service Manager community. It’s priced so anyone can join in – no permission slips required. 

My goal is to create the training resource I wish existed back when I entered the chaos of dealership life. Consider this your first-class ticket to the wildest ride in Service Department history.

Ready for Takeoff

Well, that’s the inside scoop on how this lecture series came to life and what you’re in for. I couldn’t be more pumped to finally let these stories off the leash.

Irreplaceable Service Manager Live starts this Tuesday, August 29th at 9am PST. Grab your front-row seat NOW and let’s start this party! If you’re craving tales of dealership hijinks and hard-won lessons, this series is for you. Seeing this after the fact? No problem, it’s available on demand. 

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Join me as I tell the stories from my best-selling book.

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