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Unlocking Overlooked Profits in Your Dealership Parts Department

With tight margins across the industry, it’s crucial you uncover every profit opportunity within your parts and service departments. But there are hidden goldmines that many managers overlook. 

In this episode, I’ll reveal some of the biggest missed chances to boost revenue. Implement even a few of these effectively and watch your bottom line grow.

Premium Audio Upgrades 

It surprises me how many dealerships don’t prioritize audio upgrades. Yet most customers upgrade their systems eventually – upgraded speakers, amps, subs, and more. Don’t lose this business to independents. Offer premium audio components from brands like JL Audio, Kicker, Pioneer. Customize packages to vehicle make and model.

Exterior Personalization – Wraps, Wheels, Lighting

Today’s owners want to customize their ride. Offer quality wheel powder-coating in popular finishes. Install eye-catching vinyl wraps in unique colors and designs. Outfit rides with custom lighting – underbody LED kits, illuminated emblems, ambient interior lighting. Make exterior personalization a profit center.

attracting new customers

Tint and Paint Protection 

Tinting is a quick and profitable service that dealerships often miss. Educate on UV protection, ease of installation, and make it easy to add on during purchase. Paint protection film is a bit more involved but also effective at securing additional profit during the sales process.

Lift and Leveling Kits

Capitalize on the wildly popular hobby of off-roading. Lift and leveling kits improve clearance for overlanding adventures. But you can also pitch the rugged customized look to everyday drivers. Independent shops have taken over this business – bring it back to your parts counter through quality installations at competitive pricing. 

Hobby Gear Upgrades

Help customers get the most enjoyment from their passions. Add racks for bikes, skis, kayaks, and cargo carriers for outdoor enthusiasts. Install bed racks, tonneau covers, and racks for contractors and workers. Equip overlanders with camping power accessories and auxiliary off-road lights. When you make hobbies better, loyal customers follow.

As you can see, the potential for profit growth exists all around you. Don’t leave money on the table. Start looking at your operation through a wider lens. With creative thinking and strategic offerings, your Fixed Ops revenue will reach new heights.

And if you need guidance taking your department from good to great, grab a copy of my book Millionaire Service Manager. It provides the blueprint to maximize Service Advisor productivity, streamline operations, and consistently excite customers. Invest in your team and unlock the full potential of your dealership.

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