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How Visualizing Success Can Take Your Service Department to the Next Level

As the leader of a dealership service department, you’re always looking for ways to motivate your team, boost morale, and help your staff visualize success. Luckily, there are proven techniques used by pro athletes that can easily transfer to the service bay. 

In this episode of Service Drive Revolution, I interviewed former MLB player Zach Sorensen. Zach shared how visualization exercises help athletes mentally prepare for games by picturing themselves succeeding. These same methods can prime your team for wins on the service drive. 

The Power of Visualization

During the interview, Zach explained that up to 90% of sports performance is mental. Yet most training focuses solely on physical skills. By adding visualization drills, athletes can rehearse success in their minds. 

Visualization taps into the brain’s inability to distinguish between real and imagined experiences. When you vividly picture yourself excelling at a task, your brain believes you actually did it. This boosts confidence and comfort level for the real thing.

attracting new customers

Zach described techniques like:

– Mental imagery – Vividly imagining executing a certain play or move flawlessly

– “Look back” visualization – Recalling a past success in detail to relive positive emotions and physical sensations

– “Look forward” visualization – Projecting that positive memory onto an upcoming game or at-bat 

This mental rehearsal primes athletes to succeed when game time arrives.

Applying Visualization to Your Service Department

Though your team isn’t batting against an ace pitcher or sinking free throws, they face daily challenges servicing customers’ vehicles. Mental preparation can be equally valuable.

Here are some ways to incorporate visualization exercises:

Imagine Success in Specific Situations

Have technicians visualize smoothly performing difficult repairs or interacting positively with a dissatisfied customer. Guide them to see the end result they want in their mind’s eye. Emotion is key – have them feel the pride and accomplishment of a job well done.

Build Confidence Through Past Wins 

Prompt staff to mentally revisit a time they nailed a diagnosis or calmed an upset customer. Have them relive sensory details – sights, sounds, physical sensations. This reminds them of skills they possess and helps instill belief in themselves.

Envision Achieving Goals

If you’re aiming for a monthly service sales target, have staff picture exceeding that number. Guide them to imagine metrics on the board, excited team chatter, and high-fiving success. Making the future tangible in minds motivates action.

Start Meetings with Creative Visualization 

Devote 5 minutes at the beginning of huddles for your team to envision an ideal day. See cars rolling in, techs hustling happily, and customers leaving satisfied. This daily dose of positivity sets the tone.

Adjust Exercises for Each Individual

Get to know your staff’s personalities and strengths. Customize techniques to suit them – some will resonate with looking forward, others with recalling past accomplishments. Make exercises specific and vivid.

Consistency Over Time Matters 

Like athletes, have staff practice regularly to cement new thinking patterns. Mental skills need ongoing reps through daily drills, just like physical skills. With time, visualization will come naturally.

Seeing Success is Believing

Thoughts and beliefs drive actions. When your staff vividly pictures achieving service department wins as a team, it programs their subconscious to make it happen. Success becomes tangible and real.

Just like athletes condition their bodies AND minds for the game, get your team picturing service success from every angle. You’ll likely notice increased confidence, camaraderie, and yes – a boost in KPIs.

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