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A word from Chris

I have built a reputation in our industry of being the #1 Expert in Fixed Operations and Service Trainer. People call me a consultant but I am more of a Fixer, Trainer and Coach. My passion for this industry helps produce RESULTS my clients never dreamed possible.

Typically I work with…

  • DEALER OWNERS, GENERAL MANAGERS interested in increasing the value of their Dealership.
  • FIXED OPERATIONS DIRECTORS, SERVICE MANAGERS, SERVICE DIRECTORS who want to dramatically increase Customer Pay Sales, Customer Retention, & CSI/CSE.
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Chris Collins

Chief Executive Officer

Gary Daniel

Chief Operation Officer

Sylvia Sanders

Account Manager


Chris and his work and methods have been featured on Howard Stern, CBS, The Couch, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post. Chris is known for is the way he helps skyrocket businesses to the next level.

“The Opportunity Of A Lifetime Comes once A Day.”


Chris Collins grew up in Tijuana, Mexico on hand-me-down clothes and donated food. When his mother had the courage and tenacity to move them to America, he began a self-made path to undeniable success.

Starting as a lot attendant washing cars in a Seattle dealership, with dreams of becoming a legendary rock star, Chris has since found his real passion in coaching businesses to new heights using a unique blend of insightful systems and powerful secret weapons.

He used these systems himself, to work his way up to becoming a detail manager, service writer, service manager, general manager, and finally to owning his own dealership, gaining over 18 years of experience in top-end automotive sales and service. He didn’t stop there, though! He branched out, becoming a well-known consultant, and writing two industry-changing books, “Million Dollar Service Advisor” and “The Indispensable Service Manager,” which, combined with his expertise in consulting and sales training, have transformed dozens of dealerships. Those successful operations have posted year-over-year profit increases of well over $3 million!

Case Study: Crevier BMW

As an example, when he became the general manager of Crevier BMW, then the 123rd-ranked BMW dealership in the U.S., he focused on two areas. First, he realized that out of everything the dealership did, the service department is the area that customers most often come into contact with. By making the service department the focus of the business, he made sure his customers received expert service every single time, were treated with respect, and enjoyed top-level customer care without fail. With such a great reputation in the service department, vehicle sales fell into place almost effortlessly, thanks to repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

The result? After less than three years under Chris’s leadership, Crevier BMW was the 8th-ranked BMW dealership in the nation, including multi-point chains, and the #1-selling single-point BMW dealer for four years in a row, from 2002-2005. He even set the all-time record for Certified Pre-Owned sales in 2004!

Transform Sales Businesses in Any Industry

Chris’s automotive experience is invaluable across industries and business models that might surprise you! With strong foundations shared with industries such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, project management, consultative sales, business-to-business sales, lead generation, and any business that can benefit from top-level customer care, the bottom line is this: If your business has products or services to sell, and people to sell them, Chris’s coaching team, his techniques, and his secret weapon, can and will revolutionize your culture and morale, your reputation, and most importantly, your profitability!

The Bulldog’s Secret Weapon: Gamification

Chris achieves this success for his clients through a secret weapon called “gamification.” By changing work from something grueling, that your employees dread each day, into a fun, dynamic, contagiously exciting atmosphere, gamification can revolutionize your morale, lower turnover, decrease costs, increase profits, and turn customer satisfaction into a powerful reputation in your community.

While it may sound silly or frivolous at first, this is a serious science, backed by a great deal of research. Game design and game theory is so powerful that even a seemingly boring task like lining up sets of colored blocks in a game like Candy Crush can become energizing, compelling, and at times even addictive! The same techniques, such as goals broken into milestones with exciting visual feedback, heightened social interaction and communication, and rewards can promote and empower your sales staff to help grow your business the right way.

Proven Expertise + Your Business = Revolutionary Success!

With eighteen years of proven success in one of the toughest industries around, Chris is eager to sink his teeth, and his tenacity, into new and exciting businesses. He’s already applied his methods and his secret weapons to businesses as disparate as coffee shops, florists, and hardware stores. Could your business be his next success story? Give us a call, and find out today!

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