NADA Show: 3 Workshops You Won’t be Seeing at the Expo

I got an interesting letter in the mail, a letter from NADA and for those of you who don’t know, NADA is the NATIONAL AUTO DEALERS ASSOCIATION. They have this annual convention that I’ve talked about on the show and about what a nightmare it is. They told me not to talk about Tesla and other things that I had on my mind. Last time I did workshops there and I attended three of the four days that I did it, they were the worst, the rooms weren’t set up, and I didn’t hear a single ‘thank you’ while I was there!  

The True Value Of Your Auto Repair Technicians

First of all, we are going to talk about technicians and the idea of how you recruit and retain them and we have a fascinating guest, KAYCE MORRIS, who we fell upon because she had a post on LINKEDIN about getting terminated.  

Our conversation then goes into females in the Auto Industry and a few other things that are fascinating and interesting that are great topics to ponder upon.  

Buying a Car From Carvana Increases Volume For Dealerships

Today we’ll be talking about how Carvana is increasing customer visits to dealership service departments and analyzing the impacts of their company onto the Automotive Industry.

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Trucking Industry News: Trends Impacting Your Daily Life

Listen in as Chryssa Hunluck, District Parts Manager at Daimler Trucks North America, shares with Chris and Coach Christian Lafferty how the OEM is partnering with the dealerships to help get trucks, drivers, and their loads back onto the road quicker and safer than ever. Chryssa’s passion for her job, and the impact trucking has on society are to be admired. She highlights what specifically needs to be fixed if we want to correct the issue and the best approaches she sees inside service and parts departments in dealerships today.

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How Tesla Buying Experience Is Changing The Industry

Today on the show, Christian and I are going to talk about, should you automate service advisers or automate salespeople and are people still buying cars? Do salespeople and service advisors add to the customer experience or do they make it worse?Got a question? Call us at 1-833-3-ASK-SDR

Secrets of Recruiting Top Performing Automotive Technicians

 Steve is an expert at recruiting automotive technicians, even with this technician shortage, he still managed to overcome obstacles at Lithia Motors. So we're going to try to lean on his expertise and what we see coming on the horizon inside the Automotive Industry. Call us at (833) 3-ASK-SDR if you have a question. 

Why Tire Sales and Service Matter

We're going to talk about tire sales and service, with Scott Rea, Market President at Tire Profiles LLC. Don’t forget to subscribe and call us at (833) 3-ASK-SDR if you have a question. For special deals on our books and training, head over to OFFERS.CHRISCOLLINSINC.COM and I’ll see you next time on Service Drive Revolution!

Motivating Employees In The Workplace With Michelle Elrod

Today, Michelle will be helping me discuss motivating employees in the workplace and then we will talk about the best way to screen employers when looking to get hired. Got a question? Call (833) 3-ASK-SDR
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