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Operating your business for more than ten years will definitely require Fixed Operations Consultant (also Fixed Ops Consultant), who will help improve the process and ultimately generate more profits for the company. A traditional process in daily operation will require improvement and innovation as the company grows and serves a growing market. As your business operation becomes more complex in its quest to compete with the equally aggressive competitors, a dedicated team should be assigned. Otherwise, the company is bound to a possible decline and disorientation.

Every corporate organization should be implementing business processes fit to the nature of the company. Fixed Operations consultants provide business process design services that will create improvement to the organizations overall performance. More than the pieces of training, what is needed is an intervention that will design and create a detailed process on each respective department operation.

This will include designing processes for:

  1. Market Evaluation
  2. Analysis of Financial Statement
  3. Analysis of Repair Orders
  4. Establishment of pricing methods in response to market demand.
  5. Averaging of Price
  6. Job Pricing
  7. Developing Service Driver for Point of Sale Materials
  8. Maximization of facility use
  9. Time of Inventory Control
  10. Designing Work Flow Controls
  11. Establishment of Appointment System
  12. Building Traffic
  13. Designing a Follow-up System with Customers
  14. Structuring the Organizational Hierarchy
  15. Designing Operating Procedures
  16. Establishing effective pay plans
  17. Designing a Performance Monitoring plan

Fixed OPS Marketing

The person who designs the above-mentioned processes for the different department of your company will also implement and monitor the business processes within a number of divisions in your organization. He works in a position that tasks him to monitor and assesses the strategies and also the procedures of the different level of the company. He will provide information and implements process guidelines in an objective of optimizing business productivity.

fixed ops consultant

A fixed ops consultant is primarily responsible for the workflow in the business organization especially the designing and division of tasks in the entire organizational structure. While, in consonance with this duty, he is also tasked to report and justify how his designed process will improve the profitability of the organization and how it will retain customer preference and loyalty.

Fixed ops consultant is in nature needed at one point and maybe sought on times his expertise will be required. Thus, an organization can both retain this position and continuously develop improvements and analysis on the course of operation or this position can be temporarily required at a given period of time. With this, an industry that offers fixed ops consulting is in the market today. These people can be sought for a consultation to help improve the performance of an established organization or a certain department only. His primary function is to introduce advanced and innovative ways in business processing. He is also expected to recommend ways on how the concerned person will be consolidated to make the recommendations function as required.

The persons who qualify for this position are those who have an intensive background on business management with a Bachelor Degree on Business Administration. In an established organization, having one or a group of fixed ops consultant helps in business developments and the design of business of every department aligned with the nature and the target market of the business. While these consultants can also function in the continuous improvement and constant monitoring of the performance of the division or department they require for improvements.

This is a very important task that ensures the growth and profitability of an organization. This can also be a non-permanent position in some companies that do not need constant improvement or look for improvements in their business. Some companies simply require the presence of these consultants whenever a department meets difficulty in delivering the expectations required of them or the entire the organization is planning to expand to a new division or product line.

A number of industries had been catering to this kind of business, providing fixed ops consulting. When seeking for fixed ops consultants, some of the things that need to be considered should include the following:

a. Track Record – the consulting firm should have established a list of satisfied clients and a significant growth to the implemented recommendations.

b. Efficiency of the Program – recommendations and other changes should be able to fit the nature of the company’s operation and must address the problems of a company accordingly. It should not be an idea coming from books or a duplicate of a successful program. Every organization is catering to a unique clientele and the business process should aim to retain and even improve the numbers of these clients.

c. Cost Effective Analysis – since an external intervention shall mean additional charges, the company should consider the cost versus the value of the result that these fixed ops consultant promises to provide.

d. Sustainability – the program must not stop on recommendations and implementation. It must also provide an added value of training personnel and monitoring measures that indeed the program is properly implemented.

While it is important to have an expert advice and intervention within the improvement of the company or a certain department, it is also equally important that the person doing the intervention has an excellent qualification to do the job. Fixed ops consulting shall require time, money, and discomfort of what had been naturally the ways of doing things. Thus, a fixed ops consultant should be able to sustain the trust and the expectation of the company.

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