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Service Managers Twenty (20) Group is a regular mastermind meeting held every other month intended for Auto Dealership Service Managers where experiences in different automotive companies are shared and assessed. By the next meeting everyone is expected to provide positive report on their company’s performance. This approach helps a lot in motivating each Service Managers to perform within their respective company, given the assessment result and the pressure on having to report something positive by the next meeting.

Chris Collins had been in the industry with the service managers coaching for fifteen years now. He is well aware of the challenges and the ways to solve it. Collins’ approach in training has been both personal and computer based. As he is mostly on commissioned based, this lead him to coach a few of the best car dealers in the United States.

Early Jumpstart with CrevierBMW

Chris Collins’ success in the Automotive Industry started when he was able to place the CrevierBMW from its original position of 123rd to a high 8th automotive dealer in the world in just a span of three years. The same time he served as an Acting General Manager for the company. As a result, he had been recognized as the best Service Manager coach and Service Advisor trainer by people in the industry. As such, Collins started to impart his techniques in the successful management of Automotive Industry. Whenever Collins name is heard Service Managers of automotive companies would turn heads, he was after all, the master in his field.

Consultations and Trainings

He had been providing consultations and trainings for Service Managers. The traditional set-up of trainings on Service Managers Twenty Groups was intended only for Presidents, Owners, and General Managers of the companies. But with Collins, he focused to serve the training for Service Managers, the lifeblood of every car dealer companies. Perhaps, his greatest contribution to the science of car dealership is the insights he provides for Service Managers. These are the people who will directly strategize sales, market positioning, service marketing and other related activities within the company to maximize profit by applying Collins concept on marketing and selling strategies through his Consultation services and the output of every Twenty Group meetings.

The Web Approach

His techniques and approach gained huge popularity that he is now in the process of making his own Online Automotive Training for Service Managers; this will then serve as a consulting website. The website will enable Collins, and his expert staff, to deliver service advisor training and consultations to service managers fast and without sacrificing the quality of what is expected from somebody who’s working under Collins’ name. The site will be designed to provide Service Managers all over United States with constant access to marketing strategies, supportive tools, and an advisor training secrets intended for auto service departments.

So what does Service Manager Twenty Group training provides under Collins’ concept of marketing the automotive industry? The objective of Collins program within the Twenty Group is to ultimately provide expanded knowledge on managing the automotive industry with a more profitable approach. Twenty Groups in the eyes of the leaders in Car Dealership is like a Bible that needs to be followed if the quest is to operate with higher revenue and low operating expense.

Increased Profitability

Now, Collins is focused in consulting and building people in the Automotive Industry with two main objectives:

(1) Increase Revenue and
(2) Enhance Profitability

Through his trainings, he directs the trainee into effective management of car dealership to achieve the full potential each company. Presently, Collins is said to have never been into a dealership company and failed to produce results. Ii is a fact that, whenever he visits a car dealer he delivers the positive result, without fail.

Training Modules

Collins offers his service in two ways:

1) Online training consultations, where Collins provides a personalized success plan through a step-by-step approach on managing an Automotive Industry that promises for a positive result for as short as ninety days.

2) While other Service Managers who wanted a personalized approach can opt for the one-on-one training with the same training approach and personalized success plan, plus the chance to meet Chris Collins and enjoy the one-on-one training approach.

Succeeding in any industry is not based on pure luck, passion for what you do is required, and ultimately, the technical knowledge on how to handle the risks and opportunities matters a lot. For people in the Automotive Industry, the expertise of Chris Collins might be the door that you are waiting to open for opportunities in getting higher sales. You may start by signing up for a Service Manager Twenty (20) Group meeting, learn, and be able to apply it within your own company.

Ever thought of a 17 year old college drop-out future will be? We’ll, he can be one of the most recognized names in the field of Automotive Industry. Starting as a car porter for a minimum wage, he later climbed the ladder of corporate industry as he became the leader to one of the most prestigious car company in the world, the CrevierBMW. Yes, I’m talking about Chris Collins; the most recognized Auto Service Manager Twenty Group coach in the world.

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