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There are several ways you can regard your customers and their individuality taking into consideration their different preferences and their personal outlook to life in general. Here’s a list of the most common personalities:

The child – some customers are trusting, naïve and innocent, like a child, and will believe anything you tell them. They are gullible that some sales person took advantage of their naivety. With them it is like playing a child-parent game. They are looking for a nurturing parent that will take care of them, so do what they want, be a parent. For a more responsible sales person, taking care of his customer is required. They would sell products to this person if they believe that this particular product is what is truly needed by their customer.

The judge – the judge is always suspicious of everyone and everything. He always believes that all people are selfish. They will never trust anything you say. In this case, you are selling them your products and they think that you will cheat them if they will just blink their eye for a second. The judge will always compare you to their rules and by their standards. They will speak to you what they believe and think of you rather than listen to what you want to say.

The negotiator – they always tries to knock you down, regardless of how good your offer. They will not stop asking for more unless they are sure that you have nothing more to give. Asking a lot and listening carefully is what a good negotiator does before arguing the price. You might be surprised of how well informed they are. They even do some research online. Dealing with a good negotiator is fun as long as they never caught you on your own bait. As what you ware attempting to do to him.

The bargain-hunter – this is the type of customer who wants to get the value of his money. They’re alike to the negotiator.  But unlike the Negotiator, they want closure and sometimes make impulsive decisions. Always make the bargain-hunter believe that they receive a very good bargain to their advantage.

The adult – they are type of customers who always know what they wanted and do not play games. They are direct to the point and never negotiate. They will demand what they want and expects you to give your most reasonable price, honestly. At first they might appear as the Negotiator as they might tend to ask specific questions, but they will not try to negotiate. They will just listen, inquire your price and then resolve. But if they think that you are cheating or just trying to take advantage then they will just took off and will never listen to any excuses.

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