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Fixed Operation Best Practices: Sales in Service Departments

The direct-to-consumer era is here for the car industry. How will you leverage on your best salespeople’s skills to survive and thrive in the industry?

What’s your take on the Ford 150 Lighting? 

I love the concept – why wouldn’t I? The fact that they marketed how it can power your house instead of needing a generator in case power goes down is definitely a selling point. 

There’s some cool stuff but my parents are not interested. 

They’re just not up for it. 

They don’t want to learn any new technology. They just don’t want to deal with that, even when my stepdad’s a Ford guy. 

But that’s not to say that they hate any new tech, my stepdad absolutely loved it when they rode in my Tesla. The thing is, it’s not new tech that some people push back against, it’s those things that are being pushed on them.

Tesla isn’t being forced on anyone. Which is obvious with the number of sales it has going on – over 466 million in just the second quarter of the year. 

It also helps that you can get a Tesla way easier and faster than a regular diesel car. 

attracting new customers

No need to go to your nearest dealership, just go online and that’s it – you’ve got it. 

No need to go through the motions of talking to salespeople or “haggling” as my mom often does (she likes being chased by agents, yes.)

Direct to consumer. That is the future. 

So where’s the place for your best salespeople if this is the future of the car industry? 

Well, my opinion may be controversial, but I say: put your best salespeople in your service departments. 

Fixed Operation Best Practices: Sales in Service Departments

You know what separates the true industry trendsetters from the rest? It’s the ability to see the road ahead and take bold steps before anyone else even realizes the shift. So, here’s a game-changing move that will set you apart as a visionary leader in the dealership world.

Imagine this – your dealership, at the forefront of the direct-to-consumer era. Customers flocking to you online, effortlessly making purchases without the traditional hassle. You’re probably thinking, “How do I get there?” Well, let me tell you the secret to getting ahead of the curve and making dramatic changes in your business.

It all starts with your service department – yes, the one where car salespeople might not typically roam. But remember, we’re not talking about just any salespeople; we’re talking about your top-notch, relationship-building, and customer-centric superstars.

Placing these sales prodigies in your service department is a stroke of genius. Here’s why:

1. The Power of Relationships:

Your best salespeople have already earned their stripes by building strong relationships with loyal customers. Those connections mean repeat business and countless referrals. Now, picture them continuing that magic in your service department, creating an unbreakable bond with your customers, and ensuring seamless transitions from sales to service.

2. Strategic Leverage for the Future:

In a world of direct-to-consumer car sales, fixed operations hold the key to survival. By deploying your top sales talent in the service department, you’re making a strategic move that positions your dealership for future success. After-sales service will be the linchpin of the industry, and you’ll be ready to dominate.

3. Unlocking the Potential of Talented Salespeople:

Your star salespeople possess unparalleled relationship-building skills and sales expertise. By harnessing their talents in the service department, you’re unleashing their full potential. These sales virtuosos can still sell cars while elevating the customer experience by managing a portfolio of clients. Picture them as automotive concierges, adeptly handling both service needs and future car purchases.

This shift might raise a few eyebrows, but remember, the pioneers always face some resistance before they lead the pack. Embrace this bold move now, and your dealership will reap the rewards for years to come. Take the leap and make your dealership a trailblazer in the direct-to-consumer revolution.

So, if you want to be ahead of the trend, if you want to leave your competitors in the dust, then take action now. Connect with one of our team members at Chris Collins Inc., and let us guide you on this visionary journey. Together, we’ll reshape the future of your dealership and secure your position as an industry leader. The time is now, and the opportunity is yours for the taking. Be the dealership that sets the standard, the one others strive to imitate, and the one that leads the way into a brighter and more prosperous future.

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