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Excellent Customer Service:

This is considered the main objective and goal of all Service Department Training, regardless if it’s in a start-up company or a Fortune 500.

Getting to the heart of the customers is somewhat easy to say, but getting it done may be considered one of the hardest things to achieve. Therefore, it is in every service department training goal to brainstorm on ways on how to provide what customers’ wants without compromising the company’s worth and profit. Below are the Lucky 9 questions any service department training may consider to ensure solution of retention, loyalty and great customer service:

1.)   If there is a benefit from the service I have provided, what was the best?

This question helps a service department training understand what is working and effective therefore, focusing on means on how deliver this greatest service in every company’s flight towards getting to the hearts of its customers. More often than not, clients’ answers to this question maybe surprising, but the objective here is to listen and contemplate on how this great service can be focused on.

2.)   Are there any other things you would like to see apart from what is being offered?

This is a good question service department training may take note on because this somehow defines “consistency” of every individual working in a company towards the “How’s” in delivering the company’s products and services.

3.)   How could I improve my service?

More often than not, most of the multinational companies always have this question in their list in doing surveys or any other ways to check their ratings or see how they are doing in the market. Service department training should not disregard this very powerful question as there may be a lot of ideas laid on the table. You just do not know how to implement and this question connects the dots toward getting to what should be done.

4.)   If there is anything you would like to stop from what I am providing, what service is that?

This question gives the customers an opportunity to tell something that is not useful to them. A service department training getting the poll of answers may then start eliminating things that are less useful toward providing great customer service and giving more focus on things which are significant to the clients building a better image of company’s services and products and the name of the company itself.

5.)   Are we doing our service the way you want us to do it?

Another important question for the service department training may put attention on something that we disregard. Most of the time we think that we are doing what the customers’ wants. It is good to check once in a while to find out if we are actually doing the demands our customers’ wants.

6.)   Care, Attention, Courteousness: Do you feel these from us?

This is another important question the service department training must include in the list especially for a service provider company with an administrative staff to ask. Customers do not always complain about their experiences with a company’s staff but might share something significant when they are asked.

7.)   Is there an issue that I have not spent enough time on for you?

Sometimes customers allow us to move forward but are still contemplating about a previous issue and how the concern was resolved or handled. This kind of question should be kept in the list of a service department training as such helps customers to revisit areas they may have not understood and still have an unanswered question as well as ways on how they want these concerns better handled.

8.)   Where have we been less than productive in handling your concerns?

One of best question service department training should keep. It may be that our customers are expecting us to move into different areas we think are being covered by other rival companies. Sometimes, in a customer service industry, it is always the rule of the game to be proactive in identifying our weaknesses based from the feedback of our clients as well as getting comparisons of our services from other companies. Asking this question might uncover new business.

9.)   Are you getting the value of your money?

This final value question is critical to ensuring your customers are satisfied with your product or service. Do they understand what they are paying and what these services do for them in the long run? Are they being provided with the complete list of fees that they are being charged? These are only some of the questions which may help customers understand the value of their money; therefore, the service department training should be aware of.

Statistics show that US companies lose half of their customers every five years. However, if the above mentioned questions are in the list of all service department training, then there is a solution to lessen the number of customers that drift their loyalty from one company to another. Current customers are considered the lifeblood of every business and keeping them happy and satisfied should always be a priority.

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