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A man can’t live alone as what people used to say. No man can make it big without any help. Much like Bill Gates to Microsoft or Steven Spielberg and his movie outfit. They are the driving force of their company, but they also need the help of the people working for them. Here are some thoughts that you might want to consider in leading your small business towards success.

As a businessman who owns an automotive dealership, you’ll need the assistance of people who are more knowledgeable than you are, technically speaking. Except if you want to run an automotive business on your own, which of course one might find too odd, you need to have service advisors. So what is the job of a service advisor job that will help benefit your business? Can they bring you towards your goal of having a successful business?

As the owner, you also need to deal with so many things like managing your employees, marketing and advertising, and other business ventures. Dealing with these things can already exhaust a normal person and so having service advisors to handle the front lines of your business is definitely a big boost.

Package deal – Mechanic cum salesperson

Service advisors should have the technical know-how of mechanics and the skill of a salesperson, all in one. Packed with automotive knowledge, a service advisor should easily be able to identify any vehicle issues, the kind of repair it needs to undergo, and maintenance services to prevent any untoward incidents in the future. This brings to a point when they need to sit down and speak with clients – old or potential customers and discuss things on how to resolve any issues related to their vehicle.

Selling is another factor to consider when hiring a service advisor and so experience in sales is a plus, although, an applicant who knows how to sell their selves convincingly during an interview can be taken into consideration. By selling, it doesn’t mean they know how to aggressively victimize customers into committing to buy but rather they should know how to explain properly why the need to spend more in additional safety measures which your business is offering. Convincing power is a skill but should not used to devour customers; else they’ll go away forever.

Therefore, we are looking for a prospect that understands what they are doing and knows how to explain what needs to be done. Easy to find? Think again.

Office Management Skills

Another factor to consider is their knowledge to keep things in order. Hiring an insider is easy since you already know the person’s capability but if an outsider applies for a job, it’s somewhat hard to prove. And so most rely on an additional piece of resume about their office management style, computer literacy, knowledge in inventory among others.


Without a doubt, hiring a person whose only desire is to help you achieve success will definitely take you wherever you want to go. Look for those who envision not only things that needed to be done today but also on things that might be useful in the future. Let them present their insights, suggestions, goals, visions. Who knows, you and that person might be thinking a lot the same.

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