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A company’s progress depends mainly on one of its core assets, the employees. Knowing what kind of service you provide does not end there; you also need to know the quality of work, their strengths and weaknesses, and how you’ll be able not only to satisfy but provide excellent service to your customer. And this mainly depends on how good your people are.

Running an auto dealership could go well with good mechanics helping you out. But having great service advisors, who are knowledgeable in almost all the customer needs, is having a business one step higher compared to ordinary car repair shop. Effective and reliable service advisor or sometimes referred to as Service Consultant, can definitely give you a big advantage and help your company deliver big time in terms of quality service. They serve as a consultant to those seeking your service. And this will determine how likely your customers are to return.

Training and Development

Deciding to hire service advisors packed with the knowledge necessary to contribute to your company does not stop from there. Even if he or she is considered the best, there is always a room for improvement. More often, it becomes a reason for good service advisors to leave if they did not feel being taken care of, especially if they feel they are not growing with the company. As businessmen, you need to understand that people also look at things how to improve themselves.

Providing the necessary training for your service advisor not only will benefit your business, but your employees, as well as they, can share their newfound knowledge to coworkers, and you don’t need to spend lots of money to train people. And since the year in and year out, new car models are made and released, it is best that at times, you may avail new training programs for your service advisors to upgrade their knowledge.

As a Salesperson

Being technical, as a service advisor, their work does not stop there. They also act as your salespersons – not only for the services that you offer but especially on the parts and accessories that you also sell. They can make suggestions to customers on what parts of their vehicle need to be replaced or what product or equipment a motorist needs to buy and maintain. In this way, not only you are helping customers on problems about their vehicles, people will always think that you are after their welfare whenever your service advisors do their job well.

People’s Man

More likely you are to get services advisors that are more technically inclined. A technical person is not usually a ‘people’s man’ and becoming open to customers cannot be done overnight. Therefore, you might need to invest some time with them and have them spend more time on customers. In this way, not only will he or she be able to help customers in vehicle-related issues, you are also indirectly training your service advisors to be more open to communication to customers. One of the best ways of making people patronize your product and service is by making them feel comfortable – and this is thru your service advisors.

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