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Welcome to Chris Collins, Inc.!  I’m Chris, “The Bulldog,” and I want to show you how to use gamification to engage employees, drive sales and transform your business in a way you probably never even dared to dream about.  Normal sales training is boring, uninspiring and eminently forgettable, isn’t it?  We’ve all been there.  Gamification turns sales training on its head.  It gets your sales team engaged, excited and motivated, and most importantly, it gets them all moving in the same direction. And, the right direction is based on us, as a great sales company, doing our job in analyzing your business and discovering exactly what sales team behaviors truly drive your bottom line.


  1. Goals – Without goals, we have no rudder, no idea where to go or how to get there.  Just having goals isn’t enough though; they have to be the right goals, chosen to both motivate and guide your employees as well as support the business’s core needs.
  2. Milestones – Goals tend to be far away and hard to achieve. Consequently, it’s challenging to stay motivated toward goals, day after day, week after week.  Milestones in between the goals you set will help employees stay engaged and motivated, and provide a roadmap for how to get where you want them to go.
  3. Visual Feedback – As your sales team members progress through their milestones toward their goals, they need feedback to make them proud if they’re performing well, or to let them know if they need to work harder and smarter to get there.  Visual feedback is fast, efficient, effective and inherently motivational, showing each sales associate, at a glance, how they’re doing individually and in relation to their peers.
  4. Smooth Difficulty Curve – If your initial goals and milestones are too hard, some of your less-accomplished team members might be discouraged instead of motivated.  On the other hand, if they’re too easy, your veterans and top performers might grow complacent and bored.  Gradually ramping up the difficulty of the goals and milestones you choose can help alleviate both problems and keep your staff motivated and engaged for years to come.
  5. Social Interaction – Some sales teams are inherently competitive.  Others are more collaborative.  Both are okay, but it’s important to learn which style your team gravitates toward.  Social interaction built into your training games, customized to their communication styles, will further boost morale, motivation and team cohesion.
  6. Rewards – Even the simplest of games include rewards for good performance and desired behaviors, whether it’s bragging rights or simply the right to keep playing the game.  You, however, can provide much more powerful rewards in the form of cash.       You can wave cash around and count it out in front of them. These are perks that keep them coming back for more and give you many creative options.  Ultimately, just like you’re in business to make money, your employees come to work to get rewarded for their efforts – mainly in the form of compensation.


That’s what we’re here for!  As gamification gurus, my team and I are ready to lend a hand in every facet of gamification for your sales training and your business’s daily operations, from the initial analysis to strategies for covering the cost of rewards without hurting your bottom line.  Come on in, and let me help you turn your sales team into Top Dogs today!

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