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Did you know the best thing about working as a service advisor for an automotive industry is the competition? It isn’t stiff.  As Og Mandino mentioned, “Exerting more than measurable amount of effort, is the key to accomplish your endeavors than be content with mediocrity as most people do.”

We must take into consideration the buying decisions that people make before deciding whether to go through with the purchase or not. And one of the most important factors to consider is on how they feel towards your service team. It doesn’t matter how much they need a particular product or service, but people will not buy from anybody they don’t trust or like. All you need to do is to show them quickly, that you are who you say you are and that you can really be trusted.

What prospects consider most offensive exhibited by most “pushy” guys is being considered a waste of time on the service drive, being nobody. They purposely ignore or look down people who they perceive as not good a customer or person enough to buy their products, usually the plain-dressed, the women or the old people.

Your team, on the contrary, must greet and welcome your clients warmly with sincere conversations and friendly handshakes. You have to treat the women and the unlikely buyers equally and respectfully. Acknowledge that 65% of buying decision comes from their side and more than 80% of big purchases can be influenced by them.

Inferior salespersons let their prospects led the conversations. But you, on the other hand, will provide them leadership and authority in the buying process by implying that getting the information they need promptly is through you. Inform them that you have full access to everything they need to know.

Inferior salespeople focus mainly on prices and think that it’s all that matters and need not ask their clients questions that will give them ideas about their needs and wants. You will initiate a good conversation to be able to learn from your clients what they need, what’s significant to them and find out what has change.

Inferior salespeople think that talking people into buying things is what selling is and that what they learn about the business is enough for them to survive. While you, think that you are helping people through selling. You are always learning ways and information to develop your knowledge and skills.

Believe me, more people will be more loyal to you, if you will just concentrate on being more than a little bit better than most average salesperson are. Extending extra effort to your clients won’t hurt, but the result will be highly valuable to you and your company.

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