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5 Mistakes That Sink Newbie Service Managers 

So you just got promoted to Service Manager, congrats!  You’re feeling pumped to make your mark on the shop and take things to the next level… until stuff starts going haywire.

Angry calls pile up as Techs shrug off solutions. Falling CSI scores, but expectations stay sky-high. That shiny title now feels more anchor than trophy. Sound familiar? Welcome to the land of floundering rookie leaders! 

Luckily, crossing this rough patch quicker just takes dodging some key pitfalls. Here are 5 big mistakes green Service Managers make and how to avoid them:

attracting new customers

Recycling Existing Headaches 

First instinct taking over the reins could be changing nothing to avoid causing waves. However, allowing old problems to fester quickly sinks morale and amplifies issues. Be bold, confronting broken parts of the current setup early on despite resistance.

Getting Stuck Putting Out Fires

Live in crisis mode long enough, and continual emergency becomes the norm. Triaging today’s angry customer prevents progress for tomorrow. Carve out hours for planning amidst the chaos to strengthen systems, so flare-ups become fewer.  

Making Excuses, Blaming External Stuff

When the heat’s on, new leaders often shift responsibility away from themselves. “I inherited this mess” or “economy stinks” remove accountability. But finger-pointing never improved results. Own what you can control rather than just complain.

Failing to Redefine Your Role  

Don’t throw every past practice overboard, but don’t cling to the status quo, either. Hit refresh on leadership style melding approaches that worked with new ideas to spice up shop culture. Evolve the operation without ego.

Wanting Likes Over Driving Performance

Craving friendship feels good, but being respected trumps being popular. Demand rigor and reward excellence, even if uncool temporarily. Trust flows from consistency, so stay focused however the wind blows.

Of course, preparation prevents most pitfalls. So, get leadership training specific to service operations before accepting the hot seat. Hopefully, this heads-up on common new manager mistakes saves you hardship, so you lead fearlessly!   

Want to discuss more ways to build shop capabilities and dodge leadership landmines? Reach out now, and let’s map out key priorities.

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