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I have a big sales lesson for you today from my farting bulldog…

I’d just gotten back from being interviewed by Howard Stern on his radio show and was helping my friend Big Mike with some of his sales systems…

Big Mike owns a company that sells hydroponic nutrients to pot growers, and since I’ve been working with him he’s taken his business from $28 million a year to just over $50 million a year.

Mainly we dialed in the culture of his business so his salespeople were not only motivated to make more sales but that they had simple systems to follow that allow them to keep hitting record numbers.

Big Mike’s business, Advanced Nutrients, is a testimony to the POWER of bringing fun into the workplace, and what it can do for your bottom line.

Anyhow, after arriving home I noticed that Bacon’s bed was missing…

Bacon is one of my four Bulldogs. He has a head as big as a bowling ball and gas like an elevator full of defensive lineman who’d just plowed through an all you can eat Mexican buffet…

…but he’s all heart.

Now, Bacon’s bed is huge…

It’s made of leather—and some kind of fluffy material—is about 4 feet long by 3 feet wide, must weigh 30 pounds, and usually sits under the stairs.

Now, Bacon would prefer to sleep in MY bed, but with four Bulldogs who snore like sumo wrestlers and seem to have a deep interest in kiboshing my love life, I usually like them to sleep downstairs at night.

As I got to the stairs, I noticed that the doggie gate at the bottom step had been torn down and was lying flat on the floor…

I’m thinking what the hell’s going on here…did someone break in?

On closer examination, I observed that some of the bars on the gate had teeth marks on ‘em…

I walked upstairs and then I saw it…

Bacon’s giant doggie bed was lying in MY bed up by my pillows.

Turns out…

… He’d sunk his jaws into the doggie gate, ripped it down, and with his stubby little legs, dragged his oversized dog bed backward all the way up the stairs, and somehow managed to get it onto my bed, which is about a foot taller than he is.

I don’t know how he did it…

…but I do know that he wanted to sleep in my bed, and being a bulldog—which means he has the bulldog mentality—he made the impossible happen.

No matter how hard the task in front of him was, he sunk his teeth in, got to work, and didn’t give up.
He did what he had to do…

Against all odds he got that massive dog bed into MY bed, and because of this, he’s now the only one of my four Bulldogs who gets to sleep in my bed—I did toss his doggie bed back downstairs though, because, well, it’s just too damn big and smelly for me to sleep with…

I saw that Bacon was willing to go the extra mile—extra 10,000 miles is more like it—and he’s now rewarded for it as he gets to lay at my feet and snore and rip farts all night long.

Are you going the extra mile in your business?

Are you putting systems in place that not only ensure that you continue to hit record months, but that makes your life easier by doing a lot of the work FOR you?

Are you motivating your sales team in an effective way, and creating a positive culture in your business?

Sadly, most business owners aren’t…

This is good news if you’re one of the business owners who ARE…

…because you’re the one who will own your market…

Just like my friend Big Mike owns the hydroponic nutrient market in the marijuana industry…

And just like my BMW dealership owned its market, coming in first place in the world for sales every year I ran it.

Being a motivated business owner with a motivated sales team is the key to success.

But how do you motivate your sales team if they don’t share the same enthusiasm for your business that you do?

Well, the best way to do it is with well-planned sales games…

Like these.

Now I’m not just talking about any games…

I’m talking about games that have been strategically designed to flood your employees brains with dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline—similar to what crack cocaine does to an addict—filling your team with surges of excitement, energy, and confidence.

These games will make your team WANT to compete against each other.

I promise, this is like nothing you’ve ever seen…

It’s the secret weapon of many of the most successful startups in Silicon Valley.

And now you can put these same games to work in YOUR business…

It’s like putting your sales team on crack, WITHOUT all the nasty side-effects—like money going missing, disappearing for days at time, visits to the pawn shop and county jail, ect.

Read more to plug these games into YOUR business today.

Talk soon,
Chris Collins

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