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Keeping Your Service Advisors Engaged and Motivated

I recently had a great chat with my co-host, Christian, on the Service Drive Revolution podcast. We got into a meaningful discussion about Service Advisor motivation. 

This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I know from personal experience that the job can really beat you down if you let it. 

These days, I’m seeing a real lack of motivation amongst many Service Advisors out there. They just go through the motions, write up some basic ROs, and consider their job done for the day. But is that really enough?

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Your Advisors are the face of your Service Department. Their motivation and engagement — or lack thereof — sets the tone for the entire customer experience. 

An Advisor who takes pride in their workmanship and focuses on building trusting relationships will drive customer loyalty. But one who cuts corners and does the bare minimum will cost you business.

So, what can you do as a Service Manager to keep your team fired up? Here are some tips:

1. Lead by example. Nothing kills morale faster than a boss who preaches one thing but does another. Be the type of leader you want your team to emulate.

2. Listen to your Advisors. Have regular one-on-one meetings to get their feedback. Then, take action on their ideas.

3. Celebrate wins. When advisors hit goals or have big sales, celebrate loudly! Give public recognition and rewards.

4. Offer advancement opportunities. Create a path for career growth so your rockstar advisors have something to strive towards. 

5. Get personal. Take a genuine interest in who they are as people. Make real connections beyond just the job.

6. Shake things up. Introduce new motivational contests, spiffs, and games to break up the monotony.

7. Review metrics weekly. Share individual stats and rankings to tap into competitive fire. Just keep it positive.

8. Train continuously. Investing in skills shows you’re committed to their development.

9. Focus on strengths. Help advisors play to their natural abilities rather than try to overcome weaknesses. 

10. Give more freedom. The more trusted and empowered an advisor feels, the harder they’ll work.

The bottom line? Motivation is a choice. As a leader, you can nurture engagement by tapping into your Advisors’ passions. Help them take pride in their performance. And always focus on deepening the relationships that build customer loyalty.

This is just a small sample of techniques that I’ve found effective for motivating Service Advisors over the years. If you’re looking for more ways to drive higher performance in your dealership’s Service Department, I’m happy to help. 

Book a quick 15-minute strategy session with one of my top coaches, and we can start mapping out a custom action plan for your team. 

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